Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Have A Great 2014!

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I want to thank each and every one of you for following our little blog and for continuing to visit and use the free crafts and activities at The Idea Box. 

You have so many choices for how you spend your time online, especially when it comes to kids activities sites and blogs. We are so glad you keep coming back for more!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holly Jolly Craft Ideas

Washi Tape Ornament
Winter weather has descended and as the temperatures drop, my little natives are getting very restless. I'm hearing comments like "I'm bored!" or "Why can't we go outside?" If I want frozen snowmen I'll let them out to play in the 20 degree outdoors (at my house during the day). 

But sometimes the littles need to stay inside for their own good - here's a round up of holiday craft ideas to keep hand busy and minds engaged!

Washi Tape Monogram Ornament
This is a fun and simple ornament to create with scrapbooking supplies and washi tape from our sister site, Craftown.

Swirled Ornament Balls
Create pretty painted ornament balls with this simple swirl technique. These easy-to-make ornaments would make thoughtful grandparent or parent gifts and are quick enough for a classroom projects.

Clay Pot Angel
This craft takes a little more planning and a few special supplies. But the result is well worth the effort on your part. Your little elves will be delighted with their clay pot angels!

Glitter Dreidels and Stars
A super easy way to create dreidel and star shapes using glue and glitter, this simple activity could also be used to make your own holiday ornaments to hang up or give as gifts.

Hanukkah Mobile
Use craft foam, a hanger and some string to create a sweet mobile featuring the Star of Davis and other Hannukkah shapes such as dreidels or candles.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Crafts!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

CD Turkeys
Use some old cds and construction paper to keep little hands busy Thanksgiving morning - and get some super cute turkeys to display as a bonus!

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
Our Handprint Pumpkin Patch is a great place to start to create fun fall decorations for your classroom, a bulletin board or just to record those precious little handprints on paper!

Thankful Turkey
A great family activity and teaching opportunity, grab some construction paper and markers and draw a huge turkey! 10 or 12 days before Thanksgiving add feathers that say what each family member is thankful for.

Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes
A great way to entertain and feed your kiddos, make some cupcakes, mix up some orange frosting and then let them do all the work of decorating their pumpkin cupcakes.

Paper Cup Turkey
This is a fun simple craft that could be done Thanksgiving Day to keep all those little people entertained. Let them gobble up dinner and then create their own gobblers out of paper cups.

Fingerprint Turkeys
A simple idea using those adorable kid thumbs, some paint and markers - this turkey themed project can be completed in just a few minutes and makes an adorable painting to display or share!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grateful for Autumn

Paper Bag Pumpkin

Autumn is my favorite season, so I am always grateful to see the leaves change color and the days get a little shorter. I know, it's sort of strange but the smell of fall in the chilly air just thrills my senses! 

With fall in full swing, it's definitely time to do a little harvest partying! Start with a few of our fall and thanksgiving crafts to get your creativity flowing.

Fall Handprint Wreath
An easy, fun wreath you can make and display on a class bulletin board or your own front door!

Basket of Thanks
A simple tool to teach gratitude and learning about pilgrims, turkeys and Thanksgiving!

Thankful Turkey
A family craft project that can double as an advent calendar or gratitude chart!

Awesome Owl Snack
A creative snack kids can make and then eat!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Cute Crafts and Snacks

Paper Cup Spiders

Halloween Placemats
With a few coloring pages and construction paper your kids can make homemade place-mats just for Halloween!

Cool Spider Treats
Turn ordinary chocolate cupcakes into spooky treats with our easy tutorial and a few supplies. The kids can even decorate their own!

Halloween Wind Sock
Create a simple wind sock to display near your front door to welcome trick-or-treaters or show your love for the autumn season.

Pin the Crow on the Scarecrow
A new spin on "pin the tail on the donkey" - This is such a cute game to put together and is relatively inexpensive entertainment!

Batty Pencils
Create the perfect Halloween theme school tool by making some batty pencil toppers with your class or at home. You could even give these out instead of candy.

Pumpkin Rice Krispies
Turn the traditional Rice Krispies recipe into adorable pumpkins to decorate and then share or eat as a class treats - yummy!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Spooky Fun Halloween Crafts

DIY Monster Mugs
Got little monsters that you need to keep busy and entertained? Try some of our crafts, activities and snacks that tie in great for Halloween, harvest time and autumn seasonal learning! Here's just a few to get you started!

Cool Spider Treats

A very yummy spin on cupcakes - you provide the cupcakes, your kids will provide the inspiration for creating spooky little spider treats!

Finger Ghosts

A funky way to create fun little finger ghosts. All it takes is some paper, glue, tissue and little hands to create cute ghostly hand puppets.

Footprint Bat

I love a good handprint or footprint craft because I love preserving my kids' little hands and feet into an artful holiday painting - or just a zany Halloween decoration!

Ghost Footprints

Another silly way to create painted ghosts. Get those feet out and some white paint. Your little ones' feet will make the cutest ghosts ever.

Handprint Spider

Handprint crafts are fun and easy and always turn out so cute! With paper, paint and your little one's hands create a cute spider to decorate any room for Halloween.

Paper Bag Pumpkin
This two day craft is a fun way to create a painted paper bag pumpkin to hang around the classroom or a front porch. There's a lot of painting so this might be perfect for bigger kids.

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
With paper, some paint and a few little hands you can help your little ones create an adorable pumpkin patch to display or share with a friend or grandparent!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Inspired Crafts

Finger Print Indian Corn
Gather some paint in fall colors, paper and your little fingers to create this fun paper Indian corn project to decorate any class or refrigerator for fall.

Fall Colors Place Mat
This is a unique project with a twist on fall colors and using leaf patterns in art. The best part - when the kids are done creating, you can turn their project into a place mat to keep!

Fun Pumpkin Bowl
A delicious treat and cute to boot - hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with fresh cut fruits or veggies for a unique pumpkin bowl for your harvest or Halloween party.

Giant Acorns
This is a great activity to get kids thinking about nature. Paper, crayons and a nearby tree create a lovely textured acorn for craft embellishments or to display on it's own.

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
With some orange paint and a few little hands, you can create an adorable pumpkin patch to enjoy or display throughout Autumn.

Fall Number Tree
Take the kids outdoors for a little leaf gathering walk and it becomes a fun fall method to learn their numbers.  Practice numbering the leaves back inside!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall For Our Leaf Crafts

Leaf Turkey
Now that fall is officially started, it's time explore some leaf projects! Entertain the kids with some leaf inspired crafts and encourage them to help clean up all those fallen leaves too - a nice way to accomplish alot with just a little!

Autumn Tree
Use your imagination and a sponge to create a pretty fall tree on paper to decorate a classroom, teaching studio or bedroom...and enjoy those fall colors!

Coffee Filter Leaves
Get crazy and creative with your coffee filters and make some leaves to hang up, decorate with or pass around for a little fall fun. Don't forget the java!

Fall Handprint Wreath
Preserve those precious little hand-prints and create a pretty fall wreath to display on your front door, in a class or in your home, using paint, paper, scissors and glue!

Leaf People
Create a family of leaf people with your little kids or classroom - name them, tell stories about them and send them on adventures, with simple supplies: leaves, paper,crayons and markers.

Leaf Rubbings
With white paper and crayons you can inspire your class or homeschoolers to create an artistic view of fall and autumn, and end up with some very pretty art work to show off!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Applicious Ideas For Fall

Fall is the perfect time to express your love for apples, orchards and all things under the harvest moon! I've collected and shared a few craft and snack ideas to get you and your kids well on your way to enjoying and celebrating the autumn season!

Apple Bag
This project may be used as a lesson tool, classroom decor or Autumn take home craft. It's simple and you may already have the supplies on hand.

Apple Hod Pad
This craft is very unique and fun. However, the instructions call for hot glue (which works best) but could be hard for younger kids to work with.

Apple Face
A fun and easy craft project to make with preschoolers, this craft also doubles as a nice bulletin board decor for fall in the classroom or homeschool room.

Apple Painting
One of my favorites, this art process is a little different. Use an apple, cut in half, as your paint "stamp" and dip it in paint to create interesting shapes on paper or burlap.

Apple Cobbler
This apple snack is very simple and yummy. I think it's the perfect autumn snack, especially on chilly fall evenings.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Gratitude!

Teachers are some of the coolest people around, with the hardest jobs I can think of. Often the job comes with long hours, out of pocket expenses and very little gratitude. Show your appreciation by treating your favorite teachers to a little extra fun! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started!

Candy/Treat Jar
Save a medium sized jar to fill with treats or candy and deliver it to your teacher with a little note of gratitude or praise!

Teacher Gift
Conduct an impromptu interview with your child about his/her teacher and see what comes up! Add the comments to a colored picture, frame it and give to the teacher!

Apple For Teacher
It doesn't get much easier than choosing a delicious red apple to present to the teacher! Easy and frugal, a shiny healthy treat is always welcome!

Teacher Tote Bag
Make a personalized, hand-decorated tote for your teacher. Let your kids go to work adding handprints, designs or other embellishments to really take this tote to the next level!

Colorful Sun Catchers
The sun catcher craft involves shaving crayons and cheese graters - definitely a hands on experience, but probably best for elementary age kids to create.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School...

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos
Ready for school to start? Whether you are sending them off on the bus or herding home-schoolers, you'll enjoy trying some of these fun back-to-school snacks, crafts and activities!

Backwards Dinner

The first day back to school is always a doozie! It signals the official end of Summer and is usually a tiring day as kids adjust. Celebrate with a backwards dinner to lighten the evening!

Back To School Contract

Do your kiddos need a little motivation to keep them positive and focused through out the school year? How about writing up a back to school contract to keep everyone inspired?

Bus Cookies

Talk about a fun after school snack and super simple to put together! Your kids will love eating up these little peanut butter buses and you get to enjoy bragging rights!

Circle Seats

In many classes, circle time is a big part of the teaching and fun. But what if you can't stick anything permanent to the floor for circle time? No problem! We have an idea!

Autumn Bookmark

Create a pretty fall themed bookmark with your kids to use with study time or homework, or share some with your class.

Back To School Magnet

Want to share a special gift with teacher? Or maybe you need some new magnets for the fridge or classroom - use our tutorial to create simple or elaborate magnets for back to school!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Celebrate Summer!

Paper Dot Rainbows
Summer means play dates, camping trips, swimming pool visits and kids saying "I'm bored. What can I do?" At least that's how it goes at our house. It seems like no matter how many adventures I plan someone still gets bored. 

I have the habit of making chore lists for when someone says they are bored. But you could also try some of our free crafts, activities and snack recipes too...if you are feeling super nice.

Paper Bag Picnic
This easy craft is fun to create and fun to play with. Use it as a rainy-day boredom buster or take it outside into the sunshine for some make-believe fun!

Colorful Butterflies
This artsy activity is a crowd-pleaser! Marbles, paint, a shoebox and you are set to jazz up your butterflies in a most colorful and unique way.  No paint brushes required!

Bears on the Beach
Summer time is all about snacks. Get creative with teddy grahams, frosting and a few gummy worms and watch the smiles spread as your kiddos create a surf's-up-sort-of snack!

This simple craft uses materials you have on hand including an egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners and glue. (If you don't have pipe cleaners on hand and you have kids under 5 in the house - go get some. You'll thank me later.)

Ants on a Log
Make celery more appealing as a healthy snack choice by adding cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins to create adorable little ants on a log. (Make up a fun little story to go along with it too!)

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Fun On A Budget

Summer is in full swing! We have some low cost ideas to help you keep little brains and fingers busy! 

This watermelon craft is fun to do with preschoolers and they look super cute displayed on a bulletin board or on widows for summer!

Backyard Bubbles
This is a fun bubble experience for toddlers and preschoolers who have yet to master blowing bubbles! And it has a mess rating of zero, if they keep it outside!

Bark Giraffe

Do you have an animal lover at your house? Try the giraffe craft and let their artistic talent shine! It's also a great way to explore trees outdoors. (You'll need bark for this!) 

5 Cup Fruit Salad

Fruit cocktail, pineapple, marshmallows and yogurt...Sounds tasty if you ask me! And most little kids like these ingredients too. Mix them together and serve up as a sweet summer snack!

Bee Hive!

A fun cereal craft incorporating lots of fine motor skills, your preschoolers will have a blast drawing, cutting and gluing. You will enjoy keeping them occupied for a little while too! And they are super cute to hang up when finished.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Patriotic Snacks And Crafty Fun!

We've got some last-minute patriotic projects and yummy snacks you can create with your kids to really get your 4th of July fun going! 

From pretty wreaths and safe sparklers to a fruity parfait to beat the summer heat, I know you'll enjoy trying some of our fun snack recipes and crafts to add a little American pride to your holiday!

Or switch up the colors to reflect other nations' flags to celebrate your heritage and ethnic diversity. 

Red, White & Blue Wreath

Patriotic Parfait

Handprint Flag

Sweet Stars

Safe Sparklers

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Patriotic Paper Creations for the 4th!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
Looking for fun, frugal and creative ways to celebrate the 4th of July with your little firecrackers? If your kids love quirky hats, they will love doing this project with you. Create a freedom hat with some cardstock, glitter and stars!

Memorial Day Bunting
This simple bunting craft is perfect for patriotic holidays. Or change up the colors and create bunting for any occasion using paper, a little paint and yarn - super simple!

American Eagle Handprint
Your kiddos will enjoy this easy eagle handprint craft because it's fun, flashy and festive! Hang some eagles up to enjoy those cute little handprints.

Patriotic Paper Chain
The kids can also help decorate - let them create yards of patriotic paper chain to hang on the porch, mantle or back yard. It also makes a great barbecue accent!

Red & White Veggies with Blue Dip
And don't forget the snacks! Our simple Red and White Veggies with Blue Dip is always a big hit because for some reason kids really like eating blue things! (Blue Raspberry Shaved Ice anyone?)

Visit The Idea Box for more crafts, games and snacks for the 4th of July! Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas from other crafty bloggers and sites or follow us on Pinterest and create your own pinboard full of kids crafts!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Father's Day Fun

Daddy Is My Friend

Ready for Father's Day? You have plenty of time to create fun, frugal Father's Day crafts with your kiddos! Or use a few of our free craft ideas for a preschool or Sunday school class project. Print out our Daddy Is My Friend poem to use in a card or on a special craft. Or...

Pancakes For Dad

Our simple pancake recipe is yummy and easy to make! Even little hands can help make these for a tasty Father's Day breakfast.

Best Daddy Poem
Use our "best" daddy poem on all sorts of craft projects to express love and thanks for the great dad in your kids lives. Use our printout to add handprints or embellishments to.

Father's Day Footprint Craft

Use our footprint's poem and printout to record your little one's footprint below the footprints poem and give as a sweet keepsake of small feet.

Candy Jar
Grab a clean jar (this can even be a recycled spaghetti sauce jar), some of Dad's favorite treats and create a sweet candy jar for him to enjoy!

Visit The Idea Box for more crafts, games and snacks for Father's Day! Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas from other crafty bloggers and sites or follow us on Pinterest and create your own pinboard full of kids crafts!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Patriotic Projects for Memorial Day Weekend

Celebrate Freedom Hat

Memorial Day is a special time to honor those who have passed while serving our country in the military. It's also an opportune time to teach kids about patriotism and make some special and fun crafts too.

Handprint Flag
Handprint crafts and activities are some of my favorite, although a little messy.  Put your littlest hands and fingers to work to create a flag mural for your classroom, or a smaller version to take home with them.

Patriotic Parfait
This is a fun and patriotic snack that the kids can help prepare.  Assemble your fruit, let your little fruits assemble the snack, add whipped cream...and enjoy!

Patriotic Paper Chain

Red, White, & Blue Wreath
Add a little flair to your classroom, home or front porch with this easy paper wreath. It will add some sparkle to your room and some sparkle to your kids!

Safe Sparklers
Want to make something to really celebrate with?  Try our safe sparklers craft with older kids as it is a little more work for little hands to manage.

Stars & Stripes Snacks
Try this super easy and yummy snack!  Even the littlest hands can manage this one and they have tons of fun creating and eating their little flags.

Visit The Idea Box for more crafts, games and snacks to create for Memorial Day! Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas from other crafty bloggers and sites or follow us on Pinterest and create your own pinboard full of kids crafts!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and your kids!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy Peasy Mother's Day Gifts

Craft Stick Heart Frame
Mother's Day is such a wonderful holiday - when else do we take the time to honor our moms and let them know how special they are? Here are some very simple, easy crafts to create at home or in the class perfect for gifting to the sweet moms or grandmothers in your kids' lives.

Button Pin
This is a fun and creative idea for making your own lapel or scarf pins for Mother's Day using buttons, craft pins and basic craft supplies.

Coupons for Mom
I love this easy and thoughtful gift for mom, especially if your a budget savvy person. Have the kids draw their own coupons for Mom onto regular paper or cardstock with markers and crayons. Some ideas for the coupons might be:

Coupon for unloading the dishwasher (or washing the dishes)
Coupon for a back rub or foot massage
Coupon for a quiet hour or two by herself (bubble bath or a good book)
Coupon for breakfast in bed or made by the kids

Use your imagination to make all kinds of quick and fun coupons for mom.

Here are a few more ideas for fun and easy Mother's Day gifts to make!

Candy Jar

Fingerprint Garden
This craft idea can be made from cloth (which will require some sewing) or you can keep it simple and create the same fingerprint garden on a piece of heavy construction paper or cardstock.

Flower Pens for Mom
With some ink pens, silk flowers and a little floral tape you can make a pretty and functional bouquet of flowers for your mom as an office gift or desk gift.

Visit The Idea Box for tons of crafts and activities to create for Mother's Day! Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas from other crafty bloggers and sites or follow us on Pinterest and create your own pinboard full of kids crafts!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Earth Day Every Day

In case you missed it Earth Day was this past Monday. But why not make every day Earth Day? Teach your kids or class to celebrate and appreciate our planet by including earth friendly crafts and activities on a regular basis. Earth Day crafts also make great lesson tools too.

Coffee Filter Earth
Simple and fun: use a coffee filter and food coloring to create pretty version of the earth to display or use in Earth Day lessons and activities.

Handprint Apricot
Another fun handprint painting idea: create a picture of apricots for Spring with your little hands and share the finished project with special friends.

Earth Resource Wheel
Create a fun learning tool with 2 paper plates, crayons and brads. Your kids will enjoy making and learning about the earth and the weather!

Handprint Flower
Construction paper, paint, your hands and imagination are all you need to create a pretty handprint flower painting to hang up or share.

Edible Earth
I love this tasty spin on regular rice krispie treats. Go to the kitchen, get your ingredients and get ready to make your very own edible earth!

Need more Earth Day projects or Spring themed ideas for your class or homeschool? Visit The Idea Box for tons of games, crafts and snacks to create with your kiddos! Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas from other crafty bloggers and sites or follow us on Pinterest and create your own pinboard full of kids crafts!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beautiful Butterflies

Spring Butterflies
Are your kiddos going a little stir crazy as they wait for the weather to warm up and the sun to stick around? Celebrate Spring with an easy-peasy butterfly craft! Make this cute little flyer with a sandwich bag, glitter and construction paper.

Here are some other super cute and fun butterfly themed crafts and snack ideas to get you ready for Spring!

Butterfly Puppet
With some cardboard and imagination, your class can make personalized butterfly puppets to play with, perform with, or decorate your room with.

Butterfly Flyer
Collect a straw, some yarn, construction paper and a few other bits from your craft cupboard - and create a butterfly flyer, perfect for your little ones to fly high.

Butterfly Surprise
Using craft sticks and creativity, make some cute little butterflies to play with and use in all sorts of decor for Spring time.

Very Neat Butterfly Feet
I love this artsy painting project for preschoolers and even little tiny ones too - paint the bottoms of their feet and create a painted butterfly to share or display!

Butterfly Sandwich
Turn a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a yummy butterfly snack with a little ingenuity and imagination!

Find more spring themed crafts over at The Idea Box to create with your class, kids or homeschool group. Connect with us on Facebook where I share ideas from other crazy-cool crafters too! Find us at Pinterest too for more imaginative inspiration!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Showers Bring Spring!

Budding Spring Tree
Start your Spring lessons with a happy Budding Spring Tree created with Q-tips or fingertips - whichever is handy! Then hang your trees on a bulletin board or around your classroom to enjoy.

April Fool's Hamburger
This snack will tickle the funny bones off your toddlers and preschoolers as they help you create "hamburgers" made from cookies and colored frosting!

Animal Matching
A simple game to create and play with little kids to teach them about different animals and the sounds they make. Use magazine images and supplies you already have on hand.

April Showers Umbrella
This craft project is easy to do and great for preschoolers learning about the weather or seasons. When it's all done you'll have a colorful umbrella to show off!

This is a fun activity that's great for little hands still mastering their fine motor skills. Create this pretty butterfly with your little ones to display and enjoy.

Number Salad
This healthy and yummy fruit salad snack is fun to make and teaches little kids their numbers by mixing the counting in with the preparation. Yummy!

The weather and the outdoors are starting to show definite signs of Spring. Take advantage of the season change by trying more fun Spring activites from The Idea Box. Connect with us on Facebook for kid-inspired ideas and crafts!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Crafts Part 2

Watercolor Easter Eggs
It's amazing what coffee filters, magic markers and water can do to create something special for Easter! Your kids will love this simple and easy craft, and you can use it as an object lesson. Or turn the coffee filter eggs into classroom decorations or pair with another craft project as an accent.

Easter Bags
I love this simple craft for creating Easter "bags." Using white lunch sacks, paints, stickers, etc your class can create their own "baskets" to fill with Easter grass and candy!

Easter Cupcakes
This is a fun snack activity that the kids can help decorate. You furnish the cupcakes and some fun toppings and let the kids get messy and create their own decorated Easter treats.

Easter Egg Fantasies
This is quite the art project for an older class (and I don't recommend it for small fingers). It involves actually cutting into uncooked eggs and emptying out the insides, then decorating the insides with small scenes.

Easter Egg Surprise
Essentially a paper mache project, this is a fun idea for creating a bit of mystery and a surprise. Again, I wouldn't attempt this with small children but it's definitely a fun idea!

Green Easter Basket
Talk about going green! This project takes it to the next level by planting and growing grass in your Easter baskets. I think it's such a fun idea and makes a great learning tool too.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, at home or in the classroom, enjoy the Spring weather, signs of new life and all that Easter symbolizes!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Crafts 1...

Easter Eggs
Are you ready for Easter? Do you have any Easter crafts or activities planned for your little chicks? Grab some paper towels and washable markers to create this simple and pretty Easter egg. Or try one of our other suggested Easter crafts!

Paper Plate Easter Baskets
Grab those paper plates and some ribbon to create simple Easter baskets to fill with a take home treat or something sweet!

Paper Plate Easter Hat
Pull out the paper plates and as many different kinds of embellishments as you can find. This craft reminds me of making a bride's practice bouquet from her shower gift ribbons.

Swirled Easter Eggs
With some clear plastic eggs and paint your class or home-school group can create some very pretty swirled Easter eggs to keep or share.

Easter Basket Cupcakes
Bake some cupcakes and add green frosting. Then set out some Easter candies (jelly beans, peeps, etc) and let the kids decorate. Don't forget the licorice handles!

Easter Egg Dance
This activity takes a bit of prep time before the dance actually begins. It works a lot like a cake walk, only with laminated Easter eggs on the floor to land on - have fun!

Visit The Idea Box for more Easter crafts and activities or other class ideas for Spring, May Day and Memorial Day. Connect with us on Facebook where we share even more craft ideas and inspiration!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Luck O' The Irish...


Have you visited our St. Patrick's Day crafts & activities page? If you're lucky you will find all kinds of ideas and projects for your class, home-school or Sunday school to keep you and your little leprechauns busy! Here are a few good ones to get you started.

Bell Pepper Shamrock Prints
Using a bell pepper and some green paint, you can help your kids use your garden veggie to create pretty shamrocks on paper.

Paper Dot Rainbows
Using a hole punch and a whole lot of colored constructions paper, your little ones can create paper dot rainbows - they make great wall hangings!

Shake & Make Shamrocks
A salty alternative to using glitter, help your little ones create green "glitter" from salt to decorate they pretty paper shamrocks with.

St. Patrick's Day Crown
With some simple craft supplies, you and your class can create some pretty funky crowns in honor St. Patrick's Day or to use as lesson tools!

Pots of Gold
This craft is a nifty tool for teaching counting skills or creating a fun decorative object for St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Charms Sort
Another fun counting tool, this activity not only teaches little kids how to sort shapes and colors while counting, but it also makes a fun snack too!

Visit The Idea Box where we have tons of great holiday crafts, games and snack recipes. Connect with us on Facebook and join our community to receive inspiration and more great ideas for your classroom.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leprechaun Love!


An Old Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Leprechaun Gifts
This is a fun gift (and easy craft) for kids to make to share with someone special in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Gold Stone
A fun way to decorate small stones and then hide them for kids to find either around the class, home or even in a sandbox.

Leprechaun Search
A fun game of hide the leprechaun gifts and letting kids seek them out by following festive clues you leave around the class or home.

Handy Shamrocks
A cute handprint craft to create a shamrock and share with parents or grandparents and perfect for March, St. Patrick's Day and good luck!

Leprechaun Treats
This is a fun edible craft that kids will enjoy creating and then eating at snack time. The ingredients are simple and you may already have them on hand.

Irish Soda Bread
Make a traditional Irish soda bread with your kids to enjoy at snack time or as part of a lesson about St. Patrick's Day, Ireland or even bread making. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shamrocks Rock!


Inspire your little ones at home or in the classroom to enjoy spring by creating some easy shamrock crafts.

Bakers Clay Shamrocks
With some pantry ingredients and craft paint you can help your little leprechauns create some festive clay shamrocks to display or share!

Filter Paper Shamrocks
Use coffee filters and food coloring to create pretty paper shamrocks that make adorable bulletin board or classroom decorations.

Clover Chain
Use real clovers or paper ones to form a clover chain and hang it around your class or home to celebrate St. Patty's special day!

Easy Shamrocks
Turn green paper hearts into a festive shamrock picture, perfect for a greeting card or to hang up and display.

Follow The Leprechaun
Get your creative juices flowing and use "Follow the Leader" game to make St. Patrick's Day a little luckier
for all your little leprechauns!

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