Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Showers Bring Spring!

Budding Spring Tree
Start your Spring lessons with a happy Budding Spring Tree created with Q-tips or fingertips - whichever is handy! Then hang your trees on a bulletin board or around your classroom to enjoy.

April Fool's Hamburger
This snack will tickle the funny bones off your toddlers and preschoolers as they help you create "hamburgers" made from cookies and colored frosting!

Animal Matching
A simple game to create and play with little kids to teach them about different animals and the sounds they make. Use magazine images and supplies you already have on hand.

April Showers Umbrella
This craft project is easy to do and great for preschoolers learning about the weather or seasons. When it's all done you'll have a colorful umbrella to show off!

This is a fun activity that's great for little hands still mastering their fine motor skills. Create this pretty butterfly with your little ones to display and enjoy.

Number Salad
This healthy and yummy fruit salad snack is fun to make and teaches little kids their numbers by mixing the counting in with the preparation. Yummy!

The weather and the outdoors are starting to show definite signs of Spring. Take advantage of the season change by trying more fun Spring activites from The Idea Box. Connect with us on Facebook for kid-inspired ideas and crafts!

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