Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas Crafts

Gingerbread Man Craft
I love Christmas! With that being said, I have two little boys on winter break that also love Christmas, but get a little bored the day after. It's like a toy and sugar let down. And the "I'm bored"'s start in. I am sure you have never heard that one before.

I decided to come up with some simple "after Christmas" activities/projects that we can do together to help keep the boredom at bay. And since it's still technically December and the Christmas season, I figured I don't have to be too picky about theme.

You'll enjoy the crafts I dug up for you to do with your little ones. They may still be a little Christmas-y, but I assure you that the kids will have fun, the boredom will be held off and you will be glad you read this post.

Try some of these crafts and projects - Enjoy!

Christmas Snow Globe

Christmas Stars

Craft Stick Reindeer

Glittery Ornaments

Recycle Christmas Cards

However you spend your winter break, enjoy the season and the time spent with your kiddos, crafts or no crafts!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...


And make something crafty with your kids too! Here are some easy-peasy crafty ideas to keep those little hands busy and creative. Create some stars, cinnamon ornaments or Christmas tree brownies to share and spread a little holiday joy! Here's a few ideas to get you started.

Christmas Stars
Crafts don't get much easier - wax paper, glue and glitter will get you started making Christmas stars to deck your halls with or share with someone special!

Christmas Tree Brownies
If you like brownies, you'll love our Christmas Tree brownie recipe. You'll need a Christmas Tree cookie cutter and a few decorating supplies.

Christmas Tree Mobile
Create a sweet little mobile to enjoy for Christmas, using all sorts of craft scraps and embellishments you have on hand! Sweet and simple.

Christmas Wreath
This craft will require some adult supervision as it employs the use of a wire hanger being bent into a circle shape. The result is worth the effort!

Cinnamon Ornaments
This is one of my favorite homemade ornament recipes. It uses an applesauce and cinnamon mixture and the scent of the ornaments will last a few Christmases. You can always add cinnamon oil later to refresh the scent.

Whether you whip up a few Christmas crafts or just sit back with some hot cocoa to soak up the holiday spirit, enjoy your family and loved ones! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite Christmas crafts or visit The Idea Box for all sorts of great ideas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ho Ho Hope You Like Candy!

Candy Jar
Are you ready for Christmas? Or are you stressed out and shopped out trying to get the perfect gift for all the special people in your life or your kid's life? Not to worry. Simplifying may be the answer. If you really want to take holiday prepping to a whole new level - let the kids help! Put the those little elves to work!

Whether creating a candy jar filled with treats or crafting a candy cane masterpiece, your little ones will love these ideas. Kids really do love giving, and it can get spendy if you have a long list. Keep it simple and keep to your budget by creating some of your gifts. Here's just a few to get you started.

Candy Cane Hearts
I love this super simple craft! It's adorable used on a homemade card, as a package accent or thoughtful edible ornament!

Candy Cane Mouse
I've seen this one done before and it makes for an adorable little critter to share with friends or decorate a tree or classroom with.

Candy Cane Sled
This is one of my favorites and also one I hadn't tried! Create a chocolate sled with candy cane tracks and nibble your way to fun.

Candy Cane Reindeer
This one is a simple take on a traditional favorite - gather some yarn and pompoms and create some crazy candy cane reindeer to share or keep!

While I know you have your hands full preparing for the holidays and keeping kids entertained before and after Christmas (because they just had to give all the kiddos a two week winter break afterward), try some of our simple Christmas crafts to keep little hands and minds busy.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Creative Christmas Crafts!


As the weather gets colder and Christmas gets closer, you may find yourself with some restless little elves very much in need of something to do to keep their little minds and hands busy! Good thing we have a ton of creative Christmas crafts for you to task your elves with.

Advent Calendar
Create your very own advent calendar with some basic craft supplies like construction paper, stickers and markers. Go the extra step to laminate and enjoy it for the next few years!

Drum Ornament
Turn your toilet paper rolls into some very adorable homemade drum ornaments to hang on the tree or decorate a classroom with - the elves will love this.

Swirled Ornament Balls
Create pretty painted ornament balls with this simple swirl technique. These easy-to-make ornaments would make thoughtful grandparent or parent gifts and are quick enough for a classroom projects.

Clay Pot Angel
This craft takes a little more planning and a few special supplies. But the result is well worth the effort on your part. Your little elves will be delighted with their clay pot angels!

Paper Plate Penguin
With stuff sitting in your kitchen (and maybe craft drawer) you can have your elves making paper plate penguins in no time. It's a quick, simple craft to keep them busy while you enjoy some egg nog!

However you choose to entertain the elves, browse through our Christmas crafts to make it a little bit easier. Connect with us on Facebook to share your most effective tools or visit The Idea Box for many more crafts, projects and kid-friendly recipes!

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