Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas Crafts

Gingerbread Man Craft
I love Christmas! With that being said, I have two little boys on winter break that also love Christmas, but get a little bored the day after. It's like a toy and sugar let down. And the "I'm bored"'s start in. I am sure you have never heard that one before.

I decided to come up with some simple "after Christmas" activities/projects that we can do together to help keep the boredom at bay. And since it's still technically December and the Christmas season, I figured I don't have to be too picky about theme.

You'll enjoy the crafts I dug up for you to do with your little ones. They may still be a little Christmas-y, but I assure you that the kids will have fun, the boredom will be held off and you will be glad you read this post.

Try some of these crafts and projects - Enjoy!

Christmas Snow Globe

Christmas Stars

Craft Stick Reindeer

Glittery Ornaments

Recycle Christmas Cards

However you spend your winter break, enjoy the season and the time spent with your kiddos, crafts or no crafts!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...


And make something crafty with your kids too! Here are some easy-peasy crafty ideas to keep those little hands busy and creative. Create some stars, cinnamon ornaments or Christmas tree brownies to share and spread a little holiday joy! Here's a few ideas to get you started.

Christmas Stars
Crafts don't get much easier - wax paper, glue and glitter will get you started making Christmas stars to deck your halls with or share with someone special!

Christmas Tree Brownies
If you like brownies, you'll love our Christmas Tree brownie recipe. You'll need a Christmas Tree cookie cutter and a few decorating supplies.

Christmas Tree Mobile
Create a sweet little mobile to enjoy for Christmas, using all sorts of craft scraps and embellishments you have on hand! Sweet and simple.

Christmas Wreath
This craft will require some adult supervision as it employs the use of a wire hanger being bent into a circle shape. The result is worth the effort!

Cinnamon Ornaments
This is one of my favorite homemade ornament recipes. It uses an applesauce and cinnamon mixture and the scent of the ornaments will last a few Christmases. You can always add cinnamon oil later to refresh the scent.

Whether you whip up a few Christmas crafts or just sit back with some hot cocoa to soak up the holiday spirit, enjoy your family and loved ones! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite Christmas crafts or visit The Idea Box for all sorts of great ideas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ho Ho Hope You Like Candy!

Candy Jar
Are you ready for Christmas? Or are you stressed out and shopped out trying to get the perfect gift for all the special people in your life or your kid's life? Not to worry. Simplifying may be the answer. If you really want to take holiday prepping to a whole new level - let the kids help! Put the those little elves to work!

Whether creating a candy jar filled with treats or crafting a candy cane masterpiece, your little ones will love these ideas. Kids really do love giving, and it can get spendy if you have a long list. Keep it simple and keep to your budget by creating some of your gifts. Here's just a few to get you started.

Candy Cane Hearts
I love this super simple craft! It's adorable used on a homemade card, as a package accent or thoughtful edible ornament!

Candy Cane Mouse
I've seen this one done before and it makes for an adorable little critter to share with friends or decorate a tree or classroom with.

Candy Cane Sled
This is one of my favorites and also one I hadn't tried! Create a chocolate sled with candy cane tracks and nibble your way to fun.

Candy Cane Reindeer
This one is a simple take on a traditional favorite - gather some yarn and pompoms and create some crazy candy cane reindeer to share or keep!

While I know you have your hands full preparing for the holidays and keeping kids entertained before and after Christmas (because they just had to give all the kiddos a two week winter break afterward), try some of our simple Christmas crafts to keep little hands and minds busy.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Creative Christmas Crafts!


As the weather gets colder and Christmas gets closer, you may find yourself with some restless little elves very much in need of something to do to keep their little minds and hands busy! Good thing we have a ton of creative Christmas crafts for you to task your elves with.

Advent Calendar
Create your very own advent calendar with some basic craft supplies like construction paper, stickers and markers. Go the extra step to laminate and enjoy it for the next few years!

Drum Ornament
Turn your toilet paper rolls into some very adorable homemade drum ornaments to hang on the tree or decorate a classroom with - the elves will love this.

Swirled Ornament Balls
Create pretty painted ornament balls with this simple swirl technique. These easy-to-make ornaments would make thoughtful grandparent or parent gifts and are quick enough for a classroom projects.

Clay Pot Angel
This craft takes a little more planning and a few special supplies. But the result is well worth the effort on your part. Your little elves will be delighted with their clay pot angels!

Paper Plate Penguin
With stuff sitting in your kitchen (and maybe craft drawer) you can have your elves making paper plate penguins in no time. It's a quick, simple craft to keep them busy while you enjoy some egg nog!

However you choose to entertain the elves, browse through our Christmas crafts to make it a little bit easier. Connect with us on Facebook to share your most effective tools or visit The Idea Box for many more crafts, projects and kid-friendly recipes!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Hanukkah Crafts!

Happy Hanukkah coming up on December 8th - 16th! If celebrating Hanukkah is part of your family's beliefs and heritage, we have some creative Hanukkah crafts, games, songs and recipes for you to enjoy with your kids.

Or if you are a teacher with a diverse group of students looking for some holiday activities from different ethnic or cultural groups, we have some cool stuff for your class too! Below are just a few of the Hanukkah holiday crafts and recipes from our site. Enjoy!


Pipe Cleaner Star of David

Dreidel Felt Magnet or Felt Pin

Dreidel Fun Foam Magnet or Fun Foam Pin

Glitter Dreidels and Stars

Hanukkah Mobile


However you celebrate this holiday season, be sure to visit The Idea Box for all kinds of fun holiday activities and crafts. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite crafts or family traditions!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Crafts To Keep Them Busy!

A Very Special Turkey

While you are busy prepping, cooking and carving the turkey, as well as preparing a hundred other dishes, what will your little turkeys be doing? Gobbling up the free time by getting into mischief? Or creating something fun and slightly more productive, as well as keeping them occupied?

Here are a few last minute Thanksgiving themed craft projects and ideas to keep your gobblers entertained and content, at least until the turkey is done.

Fingerprint Turkeys
A simple idea using those adorable kid thumbs, some paint and markers - this turkey themed project can be completed in just a few minutes and makes an adorable painting to display or share!

Best Turkey Hands Down
This is another easy turkey craft that will delight your kiddos as they get to show off their "handy" work and their turkeys!

Fall Colors Placemat
If you are having company for Thanksgiving and planning for several little ones, why not let them help decorate by creating their very own fall colors place mats?

Turkey Hand Puppet
If you have a paper bag and some construction paper, you've got yourself a happy little paper bag puppet for little hands to stay busy and be creative!

Celebrate your holiday in style with some of our Thanksgiving and turkey themed crafts. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite turkey day project, or visit The Idea Box for oodles and oodles of Thanksgiving Day projects and activities!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey Lurkey Love!

CD Turkeys
With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, you may want to keep your little turkeys busy with some simple, fun turkey crafts!

I've collected just a few of my favorites for you to try this weekend or next week. You may need a go-to activity to keep little fingers busy while you prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Finger Painted Turkeys
With some simple supplies, your kids can be making some finger painted turkeys in no time! This is a fun craft to do to fill a quick bit of time or even as a lesson tool.

Thankful Turkey
A great family activity and teaching opportunity, grab some construction paper and markers and draw a huge turkey! 10 or 12 days before Thanksgiving add feathers that say what each family member is thankful for.

Oreo Turkeys
An adorable food craft - turn an oreo, or two or three, into a sweet little turkey to enjoy on Thanksgiving or any time. Your kids will love creating these edible oreo turkeys!

Paper Cup Turkey
This is a fun simple craft that could be done Thanksgiving Day to keep all those little people entertained. Let them gobble up dinner and then create their own gobblers out of paper cups.

I hope I've given you enough turkey ideas to tide your little ones over until Turkey Day! These would also make cute grandparent gifts for Thanksgiving to show appreciation. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite turkey craft or visit The Idea Box for more fall and Thanksgiving projects and ideas!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Punkin-Lunkin Fun For Fall!

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
Don't put those pumpkins away just yet! There is still plenty of pumpkin fun to be had with your little punkins, even though Halloween and Jack-O-Lanterns are behind us. Fall looks lovelier with some pretty pumpkins adorning your doorstep or table!

Our Handprint Pumpkin Patch is a great place to start to create fun fall decorations for your classroom, a bulletin board or just to record those precious little handprints on paper!

Paper Bag Pumpkin
Don't have pumpkins at hand? Or don't want the orange beasts about? Make your own paper bag pumpkins as an art project for the kids to take home or use to decorate your classroom.

Pass The Pumpkin
Our fall version of Hot Potato - gather your kiddos or class into a circle, turn on your tunes and get to passing that pumpkin around.

Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes
A great way to entertain and feed your kiddos, make some cupcakes, mix up some orange frosting and then let them do all the work of decorating their pumpkin cupcakes.

What's Inside A Pumpkin?
A fun activity that could also be used as a teaching tool or lesson prop, kids learn what's inside their pumpkin and get to really dig in to it too!

Visit The Idea Box for more fun fall ideas or connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite pumpkin craft!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Love and some Crafts!

Pumpkin Pie Craft
Are you ready for November, Turkey Dinner and Pumpkin Pie? Me too! I've collected some fun and easy pumpkin themed crafts and games for you to enjoy with your kiddos, to help while away the fall. Cooler temperatures mean more indoor time - what better way to keep kids entertained?

Pumpkin Patch Game
This is a great game for teaching manners, language development, money awareness, descriptive words and so much more. Visit the link for the details.

Musical Pumpkin Game
A combination of charades and musical chairs...With some music and a plastic pumpkin, you can play this game with preschoolers and older kids too!

Pumpkin Cookies
A fun snack craft for your kids to do - decorate their own pumpkin cookies. You provide the decorations, they'll provide the giggles.

Mr. Pumpkin Head
Like Mr. Potato Head only bigger! Set out your pumpkin with some washable markers, damp sponge and accessories and watch your kiddos decorate their own Mr. Pumpkin Head!

However you celebrate November, enjoy the pumpkins and play. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite pumpkin craft or visit The Idea Box for more Thanksgiving and pumpkin games and ideas.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Minute Crafts for Halloween!

Boo Rocks

Do you need some last minute simple and easy Halloween crafts and activities to get you through the last few days of October? Visit our Halloween List for tons of spooky fun ideas that won't break your budget and will keep the kiddos entertained!

Halloween Placemats
With a few coloring pages and construction paper your kids can make homemade place-mats just for Halloween!

Halloween Wind Sock
Create a simple wind sock to display near your front door to welcome trick-or-treaters or show your love for the autumn season.

Pin the Crow on the Scarecrow
A new spin on "pin the tail on the donkey" - This is such a cute game to put together and is relatively inexpensive entertainment!

Pumpkin Rice Krispies
Turn the traditional Rice Krispies recipe into adorable pumpkins to decorate and then share or eat as a class treats - yummy!

Spider Hats
A very simple craft, this spider hat can be created in minutes with minimal cost or supplies. The little ones will love wearing their sweet spooky spider hats!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! And don't forget to find us on Facebook to share your favorite Halloween craft...or head over to The Idea Box for more great kids craft and project ideas, for free!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crafty Treats for Halloween!

Halloween is almost here and if your little spooks are getting restless like mine'll need some crafts and projects to entertain and keep them busy! Here's a few of my favorite crafts for Halloween that can easily be adapted for other seasons or as props for lessons. Enjoy creating some scary fun stuff with out free ideas!

Handprint Spider
Handprint crafts are fun and easy and always turn out so cute! With paper, paint and your little one's hands create a cute spider to decorate any room for Halloween.

Paper Plate Cat
Using a paper plate, black paint, some craft paper and pipe cleaners your cool cats can create a spooky black cat of their own, just in time for Halloween!

Paper Bag Pumpkin
This two day craft is a fun way to create a painted paper bag pumpkin to hang around the classroom or a front porch. There's a lot of painting so this might be perfect for bigger kids.

Mr. Pumpkin Head
Grab a pumpkin, washable markers and embellishments and let your kiddos color and decorate their very own Mr. Pumpkin Head. Erase with a damp sponge and do it all again!

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
With paper, some paint and a few little hands you can help your little ones create an adorable pumpkin patch to display or share with a friend or grandparent!

Enjoy your fall season, have a safe and fun Halloween and keep crafting with your little ghouls and goblins! Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite Halloween craft or visit The Idea Box's Halloween page for tons of other activities and projects.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Crafts and Spooky Treats!

Paper Cup Spiders
Hey there happy Halloween crafters! How will you be celebrating this year? We have lots of kid-friendly crafts and activities that will entertain and delight your little ghouls and goblins all month. There is even a category for all things Halloween at our site to make browsing for the perfect spooky or silly game, snack or project to create with kids at home or in a classroom.

I've included a craft from our sister site Craftown, that is super easy to make and super cute to display - Paper Cup Spiders! They were too cute not to share with you. Here are a few more of my favorites...

Bat Bells
This is a simple and easy craft to make with little hands; and very inexpensive. I have seen most of the supplies for this project at the dollar stores.

Cool Spider Treats
A very yummy spin on cupcakes - you provide the cupcakes, your kids will provide the inspiration for creating spooky little spider treats!

Finger Ghosts
A funky way to create fun little finger ghosts. All it takes is some paper, glue, tissue and little hands to create cute ghostly hand puppets.

Footprint Bat
I love a good handprint or footprint craft because I love preserving my kids' little hands and feet into an artful holiday painting - or just a zany Halloween decoration!

Ghost Footprints
Another silly way to create painted ghosts. Get those feet out and some white paint. Your little ones' feet will make the cutest ghosts ever.

Enjoy creating fun and silly Halloween crafts with your kids or class. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite Halloween craft, snack or game. Or visit The Idea Box for more great seasonal ideas!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Well Hello There October!

Finger Print Indian Corn
When I think of October I always think of pumpkins, scarecrows and Indian corn. I remember making all sorts of fun art projects with Indian corn, acorns and straw. (We lived on a farm, so we used what we had!)

Here are corny-fun crafts and activities for you to do with your kids or class, perfect for October and the fall season. Enjoy!

Finger Print Indian Corn
Gather some paint in fall colors, paper and your little fingers to create this fun paper Indian corn project to decorate any class or refrigerator for fall.

Flower Pumpkins
Styrofoam, silk flowers and glue come together to create a unique fall decoration that you could display as a centerpiece, ceiling or wall hanging or in a pretty vase.

Fun Pumpkin Bowl
A delicious treat and cute to boot - hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with fresh cut fruits or veggies for a unique pumpkin bowl for your harvest or Halloween party.

Giant Acorns
This is a great activity to get kids thinking about nature. Paper, crayons and a nearby tree create a lovely textured acorn for craft embellishments or to display on it's own.

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
With some orange paint and a few little hands, you can create an adorable pumpkin patch to enjoy or display throughout Autumn.

Celebrate the season with some fun and funky fall crafts and activities. Share your favorites with us on Facebook or visit The Idea Box for more Autumn ideas.

Friday, September 28, 2012

More Awesome Autumn Activities!

Don't you love the colors and weather change Autumn brings us? It's got to be my favorite season! Sure the days are shorter and air is chillier, but the harvest comes in and there is so much to be grateful for.

This week I have some fun fall activities and crafts for you to try with your kids to keep them busy and creative during Autumn. Have a blast and jump in some leaves for me!

Fall Colors Place Mat
This is a unique project with a twist on fall colors and using leaf patterns in art. The best part - when the kids are done creating, you can turn their project into a place mat to keep!

Fall Handprint Wreath
This is a clever way to create a handprint fall wreath to decorate your class or to send home and hang. Little kids love this because of the paint and mess. Have fun!

Fall Number Tree
Take the kids outdoors for a little leaf gathering walk and it becomes a fun fall method to learn their numbers.  Practice numbering the leaves back inside!

Fall Tree
This is a simple painting project that makes a nice fall tree to display somewhere special to enjoy during fall, a great craft for kids ages 4 - 8 years.

Fall Wristband
I love this simple idea for incorporating a nature walk in to a unique make and take project. Head outdoors with some masking tape and fill those wristbands.

Try one of our awesome Autumn activities this week. Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite fall craft or visit The Idea Box for more Autumn projects and fun!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall In Love With Autumn!

Welcome to Fall! Fall in love with Autumn every year, all over again! We have some truly fun fall crafts for you to create with your kiddos, just in time for the season change! Happy first day of Autumn and enjoy trying some of these creative activities...

Autumn Bookmark
With some leaves, scissors and a little glue you can help your kids make some adorable Autumn bookmarks to enjoy while reading or give away to friends.

Autumn Tree
Use your imagination and a sponge to create a pretty fall tree on paper to decorate a classroom, teaching studio or bedroom...and enjoy those fall colors!

Candy Corn Bingo
Need a fun and seasonal game to keep the kids entertained? Let them create their own pumpkin bingo cards and pass around some candy corn to use as bingo chips. Play, Eat, Repeat!

Coffee Filter Leaves
Get crazy and creative with your coffee filters and make some leaves to hang up, decorate with or pass around for a little fall fun. Don't forget the java!

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
To make your own handprint pumpkin patch take some paint, a hand and some paper and get to work creating! This is a great last minute, easy art project for class or home.

Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite Autumn activity or visit The Idea Box for for awesome Autumn ideas!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple Fun For Fall!


Are you ready for Fall? A nice way to ring in the Harvest season is to visit a local orchard and pick or purchase some beautiful and delicious apples! Don't have an orchard near you?

Not to worry, you can find some wonderful apples at the grocery or market. In the meantime, try some of our apple crafts, games and snacks to enhance your harvest fun!

Apple Bag
This project may be used as a lesson tool, classroom decor or Autumn take home craft. It's simple and you may already have the supplies on hand.

Apple Hod Pad
This craft is very unique and fun. However, the instructions call for hot glue (which works best) but could be hard for younger kids to work with.

Apple Hunting
This artsy apple project doubles as a craft and a game. Let the kids create the apples. Laminate and hide them, and let the apple hunt begin!

Apple Painting
One of my favorites, this art process is a little different. Use an apple, cut in half, as your paint "stamp" and dip it in paint to create interesting shapes on paper or burlap.

Apple Crunch Toast
This apple snack is toastie and very yummy. I am inclined to think it just may be the perfect Autumn snack, especially on chilly Fall mornings.

Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite Apple craft of recipe. Or visit The Idea Box for more Fall and seasonal craft projects, games and snacks.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Harvest Time!

Welcome to Autumn...


3D Pumpkins
This is a fun and easy tissue paper craft your kids will enjoy. The results: 3D pumpkins to hang up around the classroom or home and enjoy for Fall!

Acorn Faces
Create a whole family of Acorn people with this super easy Autumn craft. The hardest part will be finding the acorns and your little ones will love them.

Autumn Wreaths
Another simple, inexpensive craft that doubles as a creative art project and thrifty Fall decor. Creating an Autumn wreath is easy for older kids.

Bat Pencil
Making a unique and personalized bat pencil will have your kids going batty with fun. Our tutorial is simple to  follow and the supplies are inexpensive. You may already have them on hand.

Clay Pot Pumpkin
Another creative Fall craft, this clay pot pumpkin will make a sweet treat holder or gift jar for someone special. Use our tutorial to create an unforgettable little pumpkin with your little pumpkins!

No matter how you celebrate the seasons changing, Fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy. Connect with us on Facebook or visit The Idea Box for more Fall fun and Autumnal ideas!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fight the Back To School Blues!

Candy Jar
Do you have perky kids raving about all things school at your house? Or have you discovered someone suffering from back to school blues? For the few who are less than enthused - We have a cure! Create one of our enjoyable and easy crafts with your kids to lift a bit of the blues. And watch the smiles emerge. (They may be slow at first...but keep at it until you see those eyes twinkle.)

Candy Jar
Create this treat saver from supplies you have around the house, plus some goodies - it makes the perfect teacher gift, or just a fun cheery way to display after school treats!

Colorful Sun Catchers
The sun catcher craft involves shaving crayons and cheese graters - definitely a hands on experience, but probably best for elementary age kids to create.

Craft Stick Heart Frame
This sweet little number is a win win! Create a simple craft stick frame to display an adorable school picture. Simple, inexpensive and creative.

Flower Pot Kids
A cheery garden-inspired craft, the flower pot lets your kids paint and decorate to their hearts' desire and then add a sweet photo as the finishing touch.

Keepsake Handprint
This is one of my personal favorites - get some model clay and paint and create the perfect keepsake gift for grandparents, parents or to preserve for posterity. You'll also need a hand!

These crafts are sure to help bust the boredom and back to school blues, or just to add a little creative fun to the week or weekend. Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite back to school craft or visit The Idea Box to find many more kid-friendly ideas and activities.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back To School Teacher Gifts

Daisy Finger Prints
Back to school means backpacks, pencils, glue and teacher love! Appreciate the special teachers in your kiddo's life (or yours) by creating a homemade gift they can enjoy in the classroom or outside the class!

I've got a few ideas you may the Daisy Finger Prints project or these fun, easy DIY gifts!

Flower Pot Decorations
Terracotta flower pots are easy to work with and inexpensive, especially this time of year. Pick up a few pots for your little artists to make-over and fill them with a sweet treat to get your teacher through that first week!

Pom Pom Flower Magnet
Create easy pom pom flower magnets for your special teacher to use at home or in class. Pom poms are a great embellishment, inexpensive and can be used for all sorts of crafts and making shapes!

Salt Dough
Our salt dough recipe is easy to mix up and there's a good chance you already have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards. The salt dough can be shaped into all sorts of trinkets, from jewelry to magnets to key chains, baked and painted as a crafty little gift for all occasions.

Stress Ball Craft
Who needs an outlet for all the pent up energy the first week of school? Your teachers do! Create a homemade stress ball to facilitate a little creative therapy for all those teachers and school workers who take such great care of our kids!

Enjoy these teacher gift ideas. Connect with us on Facebook to share your go-to teacher appreciation gift or visit The Idea Box for more crafty kid-friendly gift ideas!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School Crafts & Fun

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos
No matter how you spell it, back to school time is here! And that means school supply shopping, clothes preparations, new sneakers and catching that big yellow beast to ride to school! Here are a few fun free crafts, projects and recipes to really get you in the back to school mood. 

Back To School Magnet
This fun craft is a little more complex to bring it all together, but totally worth the effort. It would also double as a creative and unique back to school teacher gift!

Backwards Dinner

The first day back to school is always a doozie! It signals the official end of Summer and is usually a tiring day as kids adjust. Celebrate with a backwards dinner to lighten the evening!

Back To School Contract

Do your kiddos need a little motivation to keep them positive and focused through out the school year? How about writing up a back to school contract to keep everyone inspired?

Bus Cookies

Talk about a fun after school snack and super simple to put together! Your kids will love eating up these little peanut butter buses and you get to enjoy bragging rights!

Circle Seats

In many classes, circle time is a big part of the teaching and fun. But what if you can't stick anything permanent to the floor for circle time? No problem! We have an idea!

Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite back to school tip and visit The Idea Box for more free back to school ideas. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Funny Buddies to Make & Play With!

Little kids love buddies! Especially during the toddler years, when having friends or buddies to play with means being just like big brother or big sister.

Little kids also have big imaginations so creating "play buddies" is not just fun but also very entertaining and stimulating! Here's a list of crafty ideas to make with your little buddies to get you started.

Clothespin Pal
This craft is super simple and can be created with materials you already have on hand. Take a few clothespins, some markers and maybe some embellishments like buttons or bows and make a clothespin pal! (These are great "quiet" toys too.)

Springtime Grass Buddy
This buddy craft involves a bit more planning, prep time and grass seed. It would be a creative way to learn about the earth in Spring time or for an Earth Day craft. The little kids will love watching their grass buddies grow!

Bugs in a Cup
This game is a super fun learning tool for little ones and requires minimal effort to put together. Grab some plastic bugs at the dollar store, cups and markers and you've got a great counting tool and entertaining game.

Ziplock Butterfly
Another fun craft to create a colorful butterfly, this requires materials you have on hand, a little planning and whole lot of fun. Little ones may need a bit of help to assemble their butterflies, but I promise they will love tearing up the paper!

Buddy Tag
A buddy version of the game of tag - this is a fun game to play with 8 - 14 kids and keeps them moving until you decide when to blow the whistle. It's perfect for a classroom full of wiggly kids to work out their bugs!

Share your favorite buddy craft with us on Facebook or visit The Idea Box for more buddy inspiration!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stars, Bugs and Butterflies

August already? I can't believe it - the summer is going by so quickly. Time flies when you are having fun, and so do bugs, butterflies and stars! I've collected a few butterfly crafts to help your little stars shine and keep you from going absolutely buggy!

Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite summer craft, activity or snack recipe. Or visit The Idea Box for many more summer time projects and ideas for your little helpers.

This simple craft uses materials you have on hand including an egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners and glue. (If you don't have pipe cleaners on hand and you have kids under 5 in the house - go get some. You'll thank me later.)

Little Stars
I love this craft since it features your little star as the main ingredient! With a small photo of your little one and some construction paper - a star is born, one that you can hang, display, or even use at Christmas time as a gift ornament.

Butterfly Flyer
Another favorite at my house, the butterfly flyer is made with straws, yarn and construction paper. The best part is flying your finished butterfly around outside. Get creative and make them in all shapes, colors and sizes!

Sweet Stars
This sweet treat doesn't disappoint! Use strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream to create star shaped snacks and serve to your little shooting stars. My kids love this seasonal tasty, kid-friendly treat!

Butterfly Puppet
This craft project takes a few more materials and supplies, and again, items you probably already have on hand at home. With a little ingenuity and mad stapling skills your kids can have a butterfly puppet put together in no time!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You're An All-star, Get Your Craft On!

Upcycled Kids Bank
I can't resist a good upcycle crafts, especially when it comes to kids crafts. What is upcycling? For those of you who don't know: it means "repurposing" an item for a new use, enhancing it visually or changing it's structure in order to add value to it and functionality. And upcycling is cool. It makes you feel good. It brings new life to old stuff that might otherwise go in the trash.

Try it, and you'll get hooked like me. I have upcycled old tires into planters, pallets into furniture, jars into pretties, just to name a few. And now, I've made a coffee can into a kids bank! I dare you to try it. We've got tons of other fun crafts that use or repurpose stuff you have around the house at The Idea Box.

Colorful Butterflies
A fun crafty way to lay down some paint tracks, your kids will have so much fun "marble painting" their butterflies. can apply this technique to all kinds of pictures.

Create a homemade compass with the kids. Use it to find and enjoy more summer adventures! This can also be a great teaching tool and lesson prop, or even a craft for a pirate party.

Fishing Pole
Another crafty creation, this fishing pole is designed with boredom busting in mind. Just don't run out of magnetic things that stick to your pole. This can be great for mini scavenger hunts too!

Deserted Island Survival Mix
Upcyclers, pirates, and fishermen get super hungry with all their adventures. This kid version of "trail mix" is a treasure trove of delicious kid snacks and will definitely please your little explorers.

Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite upcycle craft or your favorite summer boredom buster for kids!

Happy Upcycling!

Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Olympic Crafts To Inspire Your Kids!

Are you ready for the London 2012 Olympic Games? If your kids haven't yet pestered you about watching the games...they will, as the onset of commercials this next week invades the TV. To keep your kids entertained and their TV time under control, here are 5 Olympic-style crafts and activities perfect for your little champs!

Olympic Medal
This is a great "up-cycle" craft to make, using stuff you already have in the house. Get creative and put those little imaginations to work!

Olympic Rings
Another craft using stuff from your pantry, these rings will inspire your little Olympians to new heights. (Hopefully with no crashes involved...)

Olympic Torch
Paper towel tubes and tissue paper...and your imagination = a crafty replica of the Olympic torch to pass, play with, or proudly display!

Water Balloon Volleyball
This is a great OUTDOOR activity involving two teams and a gazillion water balloons. It's perfect for those triple digit days.

Construction Paper Flags
Construction paper, tissue and glue come together to create a fabulous fun flag to hang or display during the Olympics. Other nationalities represented in your family? No prob...adapt this craft to any country's flag and enjoy!

No matter how you celebrate the Olympics, enjoy summer time with your kids! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite Olympic crafts and games!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Easy Summer Crafts

Easy Wind Chimes
How does your family fill the summer days? Having trouble coming up with new crafts or activities to keep the kiddos busy?

Not to worry! I found some fun and easy crafts to try this weekend that won't break the piggy bank.

Easy Wind Chimes
Our Easy Wind Chimes are not only easy to assemble, but there's a good chance you already have all the materials at home! See, you don't even have to leave the house...

Easy Birdfeeder
I love this idea of "reusing" or "repurposing" and try to incorporate these ideas into our daily life. Our Easy Birdfeeder really can't get much easier. And your kids will think you quite the clever birdie!

Flower Pot Wind Bell
I love wind chimes and wind bells so this craft is perfect for a gentle summer breeze. Again, you probably have all the materials for this at home, waiting to be used!

Homemade Bubble Makers
This activity forces your kids to get creative and use their imaginations! Making up bubble makers from found items is a great idea for helping their little heads not to turn into summer slushies...

Fruit Kabob
I love this snack because (like the others) it's simple to assemble, you probably have the materials in your refrigerator and...even little hands can help with this! The best part is the tasty treat to enjoy when they are all done!

Share your favorite summer time boredom buster with us on Facebook!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Simple Summer Time Crafts

A Slice of Watermelon Craft
In the summer time, when the weather is fine...create some cool with our easy summer crafts and snacks! This watermelon paper plate craft is perfect for bulletin boards, displays and even invitations or greeting cards.

Bathtub Beach Fun
With a little help from fun foam and the bathtub, you can create some crazy sea creatures your kiddos will enjoy during bath time or in the back yard with the sprinklers full blast.

Bumble Bees
This simple paper craft is quick and easy, great for eating up some in between time or as a lesson illustration for bugs and summer critters. It's bright and buzzy!

Cold Potato Game
A super cool game on a hot summer day, this is played with water balloons and creates quite a splash! Just be sure to play it outside, equipped with swimsuits or summer gear!

Daisy Finger Prints
Create a sweet homemade card or art project using our daisy finger prints craft. Even the littlest fingers can help with this one and it makes the daisies twice as nice!

5 Cup Fruit Salad
This snack recipe is refreshing, light and fun - the perfect combination for a summer afternoon or to serve at a BBQ or picnic. The kids can even help prepare this fruity treat!

Enjoy your summer and your kids (& help your kids enjoy summer)! Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite summer craft.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Fun for Your 4th of July!

Patriotic Paper Chain
We have some fast fun 4th of July projects to keep your kiddos entertained and enjoying this fun summer holiday. Get your kids to lend a hand with decorating: let them create yards of patriotic paper chain to hang on the porch, mantle or back yard. It also makes a great bbq accent!

4th of July Rocket
Using stuff you probably already have at home, help your kids create some fun paper rockets to play with or display for party decorations!

Safe Sparklers
Have toddlers? Need some safe sparkler alternatives? Let the big kids create some fun and safe "fireworks" that the little ones can shake and enjoy!

Shake It Up!
Kids love to make noise, especially during fireworks and the 4th of July! Use our free instructions to create patriotic shakers!

Handprint Flag
This craft is simple, easy and can be adapted for a smaller sized picture to hang or display. It could even be used to create disposable place mats or table decorations!

Enjoy your Independence Day! Don't forget to be safe and have fun. Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite 4th of July craft or activity!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dynamite Crafts for the 4th of July!

American Eagle Handprint
You don't want to miss a chance to celebrate Independence Day with your little firecrackers. We've got some great ideas for how to celebrate together! You'll love the simple eagle handprint craft because it's are fun, flashy and festive!

Red, White & Blue Wreath
This patriotic wreath craft involves tissue paper, glue and silver pipe cleaners. It's perfect for keeping preschool age kids busy for a little while and is super cute to hang up when finished!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
If your kids love quirky hats, they will love doing this project with you. Create a freedom hat with some cardstock, glitter and stars!

Construction Paper Flags
Our flag idea is very simple, inexpensive and quick to put together. Your little ones will love creating this american flag craft and showing off their colors! It's also a great teaching tool.

4th of July Pudding Cups
A snack this simple can't get any better! Tiny pie crusts, pudding and sprinkles equals a red, white & blue party in your kitchen. The kids can help create their patriotic pudding cups and then enjoy their work!

Have fun this summer, enjoy Independence Day and celebrate it all with your kids! We'd love to hear about your summer fun and craft adventures so connect with us on Facebook!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fast Fun Father's Day Crafts

Bookmark For Daddy
Are you ready for Father's Day? No? Put your kiddos to work creating some fun and fast Father's Day crafts to surprise Dad with. Or use a few of our free craft ideas for a preschool or Sunday school class. Use our "Bookmark for Daddy" printable as a base for decorating, embellishing or fingerprinting as a gift for dads who love to read. Or...

Best Daddy Poem
Use our "best" daddy poem on all sorts of craft projects to express love and thanks for the great dad in your kids lives. You can even use our printout to add handprints or embellishments to.

Father's Day Footprint Craft
Use our footprint's poem and printout to record your little one's footprint below the footprints poem and give as a sweet keepsake of small feet.

Father's Day Medal
Use this craft to create a special medal to give to your #1 dad on Father's Day or any time you want to let them know they truly are the "best dad."

Candy Jar
This is one of my favorite crafts to make because it can be adapted for so many different occasions and in so many ways. Grab a clean jar (this can even be a recycled spaghetti sauce jar), some favorite treats and create a sweet little candy jar for dad to enjoy!

Happy Father's Day! Find us on Facebook to share your favorite Father's Day ideas!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Low Cost Summer Fun Craft Ideas

A Slice of Watermelon
Summer is coming! Are you ready? We have some low cost ideas to help you keep little brains and fingers busy! This watermelon craft is fun to do with preschoolers and they look super cute displayed on a bulletin board or on widows for summer!

Backyard Bubbles
This is a fun bubble experience for toddlers and preschoolers who have yet to master blowing bubbles! And it has a mess rating of zero, if they keep it outside!

Bark Giraffe
Do you have an animal lover at your house? Try the giraffe craft and let their artistic talent shine! It's also a great way to explore trees outdoors. (You'll need bark for this!) 

5 Cup Fruit Salad
Fruit cocktail, pineapple, marshmallows and yogurt...Sounds tasty if you ask me! And most little kids like these ingredients too. Mix them together and serve up as a sweet summer snack!

Bee Hive!
A fun cereal craft incorporating lots of fine motor skills, your preschoolers will have a blast drawing, cutting and gluing. You will enjoy keeping them occupied for a little while too! And they are super cute to hang up when finished.

Enjoy your summer! Find us on Facebook and share some of your crafty ideas for keeping kids entertained during summer.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Crafty Ideas for June!

Cupcake Spring Flowers
School is out at our house. How about yours? Are you ready for summer? Are you ready for bored kids telling you they have NOTHING to do? Here are a few ideas to beat the boredom blues.

Paper Bag Picnic
This easy craft is fun to create and fun to play with. Use it as a rainy-day boredom buster or take it outside into the sunshine for some make-believe fun!

Colorful Butterflies
This artsy activity is a crowd-pleaser! Marbles, paint, a shoebox and you are set to jazz up your butterflies in a most colorful and unique way.  No paint brushes required!

Bears on the Beach
Summer time is all about snacks. Get creative with teddy grahams, frosting and a few gummy worms and watch the smiles spread as your kiddos create a surf's-up-sort-of snack!

Flower Pot Decorations
If gardening is your family's forte, let the little ones help by decorating some flower pots (old or new) for showing off your summer flora and fauna!

Enjoy your summer!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids - Part 2!

Memorial Day Bunting
Memorial Day weekend can be a fun, busy weekend for most families around the US.  Why not take some time to do a little crafting to celebrate Memorial Day, loved ones past and present and the spring weather.  Create some patriotic bunting to drape in your home, at a picnic or party!

4th of July Flags
Create this super easy flag with your class or at home.  It can be used as simple decor or even a teaching aid for lessons about patriotism and Independence Day.

Red, White, & Blue Windsock
This fun windsock project is always a winner with the kids.  It's easy to make and they love to hang and watch the socks waving in the breeze.

Safe Sparklers
Want to make something to really celebrate with?  Try our safe sparklers craft with older kids as it is a little more work for little hands to manage.

Stars & Stripes Snacks
Try this super easy and yummy snack!  Even the littlest hands can manage this one and they have tons of fun creating and eating their little flags.

However you celebrate Memorial Day, have fun, be safe and keep crafting with your kids!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids!

Patriotic Paper Chain

Get into the spirit of Memorial Day by crafting with your kids!  We have several fun and easy crafts just waiting for you over at The Idea Box.  While you are there be sure to check out our Memorial Day list of crafts, activities, snacks and fun!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
For this fun and easy craft, you'll need some colored cardstock and pipecleaners...oh and some fidgety little hands to do the work!  Once their done, your kids will have some fun hats to wear and celebrate with.

Handprint Flag
Handprint crafts and activities are some of my favorite, although a little messy.  Put your littlest hands and fingers to work to create a flag mural for your classroom, or a smaller version to take home with them.

Patriotic Parfait
This is a fun and patriotic snack that the kids can help prepare.  Assemble your fruit, let your little fruits assemble the snack, add whipped cream...and enjoy!

Red, White, & Blue Wreath
Add a little flair to your classroom, home or front porch with this easy paper wreath. It will add some sparkle to your room and some sparkle to your kids!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and your kids!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flower Power for Mother's Day!

Fingerprint Spring Flowers
Mother's Day is just a few days off and you may be wondering..."what can I create with my kids/class for all those special moms and grandmothers?"  We have a few ideas to get you started!

Flower Pot Decorations
This simple craft involves a pot, some paint, and a little imagination.  The flower pots can be as simple or elaborate as your kids like and can be embellished with glitter, buttons, bows, etc.  Fill the pot with a small flower or plant, or even some treats for Mother's Day!

Handprint Tulips
For little hands this art project is the way to go to create a sweet Mother's Day card or Spring decorations for your classroom.  These tulips will last and last and will lift your spirits!

Handprint Flowers in a Pot
A perfect paper craft for preschoolers, the handprint flowers in a pot make such an adorable bouquet for mothers or as a learning tool for exploring nature and flowers.  Your kids will love this one and it encourages their creativity!

Daisy Finger Prints
This is a simple craft for kids of all ages to create a personalized Mother's Day card or picture to share or display.  It's great for encouraging dexterity and art skills at a young age, as the kids create the daisies with their fingers and thumbs!

A Handful of Love for Mommy
My personal favorite, this handprint craft creates a beautiful butterfly bringing handfuls of love to mommy on Mother's Day!  This activity can be done with tiny hands too with help from teacher.

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