Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy Peasy Mother's Day Gifts

Craft Stick Heart Frame
Mother's Day is such a wonderful holiday - when else do we take the time to honor our moms and let them know how special they are? Here are some very simple, easy crafts to create at home or in the class perfect for gifting to the sweet moms or grandmothers in your kids' lives.

Button Pin
This is a fun and creative idea for making your own lapel or scarf pins for Mother's Day using buttons, craft pins and basic craft supplies.

Coupons for Mom
I love this easy and thoughtful gift for mom, especially if your a budget savvy person. Have the kids draw their own coupons for Mom onto regular paper or cardstock with markers and crayons. Some ideas for the coupons might be:

Coupon for unloading the dishwasher (or washing the dishes)
Coupon for a back rub or foot massage
Coupon for a quiet hour or two by herself (bubble bath or a good book)
Coupon for breakfast in bed or made by the kids

Use your imagination to make all kinds of quick and fun coupons for mom.

Here are a few more ideas for fun and easy Mother's Day gifts to make!

Candy Jar

Fingerprint Garden
This craft idea can be made from cloth (which will require some sewing) or you can keep it simple and create the same fingerprint garden on a piece of heavy construction paper or cardstock.

Flower Pens for Mom
With some ink pens, silk flowers and a little floral tape you can make a pretty and functional bouquet of flowers for your mom as an office gift or desk gift.

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