Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Celebrate Summer!

Paper Dot Rainbows
Summer means play dates, camping trips, swimming pool visits and kids saying "I'm bored. What can I do?" At least that's how it goes at our house. It seems like no matter how many adventures I plan someone still gets bored. 

I have the habit of making chore lists for when someone says they are bored. But you could also try some of our free crafts, activities and snack recipes too...if you are feeling super nice.

Paper Bag Picnic
This easy craft is fun to create and fun to play with. Use it as a rainy-day boredom buster or take it outside into the sunshine for some make-believe fun!

Colorful Butterflies
This artsy activity is a crowd-pleaser! Marbles, paint, a shoebox and you are set to jazz up your butterflies in a most colorful and unique way.  No paint brushes required!

Bears on the Beach
Summer time is all about snacks. Get creative with teddy grahams, frosting and a few gummy worms and watch the smiles spread as your kiddos create a surf's-up-sort-of snack!

This simple craft uses materials you have on hand including an egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners and glue. (If you don't have pipe cleaners on hand and you have kids under 5 in the house - go get some. You'll thank me later.)

Ants on a Log
Make celery more appealing as a healthy snack choice by adding cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins to create adorable little ants on a log. (Make up a fun little story to go along with it too!)

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