Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shamrocks Rock!


Inspire your little ones at home or in the classroom to enjoy spring by creating some easy shamrock crafts.

Bakers Clay Shamrocks
With some pantry ingredients and craft paint you can help your little leprechauns create some festive clay shamrocks to display or share!

Filter Paper Shamrocks
Use coffee filters and food coloring to create pretty paper shamrocks that make adorable bulletin board or classroom decorations.

Clover Chain
Use real clovers or paper ones to form a clover chain and hang it around your class or home to celebrate St. Patty's special day!

Easy Shamrocks
Turn green paper hearts into a festive shamrock picture, perfect for a greeting card or to hang up and display.

Follow The Leprechaun
Get your creative juices flowing and use "Follow the Leader" game to make St. Patrick's Day a little luckier
for all your little leprechauns!

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