Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Gratitude!

Teachers are some of the coolest people around, with the hardest jobs I can think of. Often the job comes with long hours, out of pocket expenses and very little gratitude. Show your appreciation by treating your favorite teachers to a little extra fun! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started!

Candy/Treat Jar
Save a medium sized jar to fill with treats or candy and deliver it to your teacher with a little note of gratitude or praise!

Teacher Gift
Conduct an impromptu interview with your child about his/her teacher and see what comes up! Add the comments to a colored picture, frame it and give to the teacher!

Apple For Teacher
It doesn't get much easier than choosing a delicious red apple to present to the teacher! Easy and frugal, a shiny healthy treat is always welcome!

Teacher Tote Bag
Make a personalized, hand-decorated tote for your teacher. Let your kids go to work adding handprints, designs or other embellishments to really take this tote to the next level!

Colorful Sun Catchers
The sun catcher craft involves shaving crayons and cheese graters - definitely a hands on experience, but probably best for elementary age kids to create.

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