Thursday, April 25, 2013

Earth Day Every Day

In case you missed it Earth Day was this past Monday. But why not make every day Earth Day? Teach your kids or class to celebrate and appreciate our planet by including earth friendly crafts and activities on a regular basis. Earth Day crafts also make great lesson tools too.

Coffee Filter Earth
Simple and fun: use a coffee filter and food coloring to create pretty version of the earth to display or use in Earth Day lessons and activities.

Handprint Apricot
Another fun handprint painting idea: create a picture of apricots for Spring with your little hands and share the finished project with special friends.

Earth Resource Wheel
Create a fun learning tool with 2 paper plates, crayons and brads. Your kids will enjoy making and learning about the earth and the weather!

Handprint Flower
Construction paper, paint, your hands and imagination are all you need to create a pretty handprint flower painting to hang up or share.

Edible Earth
I love this tasty spin on regular rice krispie treats. Go to the kitchen, get your ingredients and get ready to make your very own edible earth!

Need more Earth Day projects or Spring themed ideas for your class or homeschool? Visit The Idea Box for tons of games, crafts and snacks to create with your kiddos! Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas from other crafty bloggers and sites or follow us on Pinterest and create your own pinboard full of kids crafts!

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