Monday, October 4, 2010

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Enter to win a EcoBamboo "Dino Might" Kid's BPA-Free Plastic Dish Set.

EcoBamboo "Dino Might" Kid's BPA-Free Plastic Dish Set

Kids of all ages will love this cute 5-piece plastic tableware set. Created from a sturdy blend of bamboo fibers with durable melamine plastic, these plastic dishes will last through childhood and beyond... but only as long as you want them too!

Eco-Bamboo plastic dinnerware blends durable melamine plastic with tough bamboo fibers to create a rigid, tough plastic that holds up beautifully to everyday use for years. But once thrown away, the bamboo component allows for decomposition in the landfill within just 18-24 months.

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Winner of September's giveaway

The winner of our September giveaway was randomly selected and notified via email today. Entry # was 652 belonged to Sharon Howell. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your Rubber Ducky Faucet Spout Safety Cover!

Stay tuned for our new giveaway at The Idea Box!
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