Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Crafts Part 2

Watercolor Easter Eggs
It's amazing what coffee filters, magic markers and water can do to create something special for Easter! Your kids will love this simple and easy craft, and you can use it as an object lesson. Or turn the coffee filter eggs into classroom decorations or pair with another craft project as an accent.

Easter Bags
I love this simple craft for creating Easter "bags." Using white lunch sacks, paints, stickers, etc your class can create their own "baskets" to fill with Easter grass and candy!

Easter Cupcakes
This is a fun snack activity that the kids can help decorate. You furnish the cupcakes and some fun toppings and let the kids get messy and create their own decorated Easter treats.

Easter Egg Fantasies
This is quite the art project for an older class (and I don't recommend it for small fingers). It involves actually cutting into uncooked eggs and emptying out the insides, then decorating the insides with small scenes.

Easter Egg Surprise
Essentially a paper mache project, this is a fun idea for creating a bit of mystery and a surprise. Again, I wouldn't attempt this with small children but it's definitely a fun idea!

Green Easter Basket
Talk about going green! This project takes it to the next level by planting and growing grass in your Easter baskets. I think it's such a fun idea and makes a great learning tool too.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, at home or in the classroom, enjoy the Spring weather, signs of new life and all that Easter symbolizes!

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