Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stars, Bugs and Butterflies

August already? I can't believe it - the summer is going by so quickly. Time flies when you are having fun, and so do bugs, butterflies and stars! I've collected a few butterfly crafts to help your little stars shine and keep you from going absolutely buggy!

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This simple craft uses materials you have on hand including an egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners and glue. (If you don't have pipe cleaners on hand and you have kids under 5 in the house - go get some. You'll thank me later.)

Little Stars
I love this craft since it features your little star as the main ingredient! With a small photo of your little one and some construction paper - a star is born, one that you can hang, display, or even use at Christmas time as a gift ornament.

Butterfly Flyer
Another favorite at my house, the butterfly flyer is made with straws, yarn and construction paper. The best part is flying your finished butterfly around outside. Get creative and make them in all shapes, colors and sizes!

Sweet Stars
This sweet treat doesn't disappoint! Use strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream to create star shaped snacks and serve to your little shooting stars. My kids love this seasonal tasty, kid-friendly treat!

Butterfly Puppet
This craft project takes a few more materials and supplies, and again, items you probably already have on hand at home. With a little ingenuity and mad stapling skills your kids can have a butterfly puppet put together in no time!

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