Thursday, August 9, 2012

Funny Buddies to Make & Play With!

Little kids love buddies! Especially during the toddler years, when having friends or buddies to play with means being just like big brother or big sister.

Little kids also have big imaginations so creating "play buddies" is not just fun but also very entertaining and stimulating! Here's a list of crafty ideas to make with your little buddies to get you started.

Clothespin Pal
This craft is super simple and can be created with materials you already have on hand. Take a few clothespins, some markers and maybe some embellishments like buttons or bows and make a clothespin pal! (These are great "quiet" toys too.)

Springtime Grass Buddy
This buddy craft involves a bit more planning, prep time and grass seed. It would be a creative way to learn about the earth in Spring time or for an Earth Day craft. The little kids will love watching their grass buddies grow!

Bugs in a Cup
This game is a super fun learning tool for little ones and requires minimal effort to put together. Grab some plastic bugs at the dollar store, cups and markers and you've got a great counting tool and entertaining game.

Ziplock Butterfly
Another fun craft to create a colorful butterfly, this requires materials you have on hand, a little planning and whole lot of fun. Little ones may need a bit of help to assemble their butterflies, but I promise they will love tearing up the paper!

Buddy Tag
A buddy version of the game of tag - this is a fun game to play with 8 - 14 kids and keeps them moving until you decide when to blow the whistle. It's perfect for a classroom full of wiggly kids to work out their bugs!

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