Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids!

Patriotic Paper Chain

Get into the spirit of Memorial Day by crafting with your kids!  We have several fun and easy crafts just waiting for you over at The Idea Box.  While you are there be sure to check out our Memorial Day list of crafts, activities, snacks and fun!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
For this fun and easy craft, you'll need some colored cardstock and pipecleaners...oh and some fidgety little hands to do the work!  Once their done, your kids will have some fun hats to wear and celebrate with.

Handprint Flag
Handprint crafts and activities are some of my favorite, although a little messy.  Put your littlest hands and fingers to work to create a flag mural for your classroom, or a smaller version to take home with them.

Patriotic Parfait
This is a fun and patriotic snack that the kids can help prepare.  Assemble your fruit, let your little fruits assemble the snack, add whipped cream...and enjoy!

Red, White, & Blue Wreath
Add a little flair to your classroom, home or front porch with this easy paper wreath. It will add some sparkle to your room and some sparkle to your kids!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and your kids!

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  1. Great crafts! Another good Memorial Day craft for young kids is pictures they can color at


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