Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dynamite Crafts for the 4th of July!

American Eagle Handprint
You don't want to miss a chance to celebrate Independence Day with your little firecrackers. We've got some great ideas for how to celebrate together! You'll love the simple eagle handprint craft because it's are fun, flashy and festive!

Red, White & Blue Wreath
This patriotic wreath craft involves tissue paper, glue and silver pipe cleaners. It's perfect for keeping preschool age kids busy for a little while and is super cute to hang up when finished!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
If your kids love quirky hats, they will love doing this project with you. Create a freedom hat with some cardstock, glitter and stars!

Construction Paper Flags
Our flag idea is very simple, inexpensive and quick to put together. Your little ones will love creating this american flag craft and showing off their colors! It's also a great teaching tool.

4th of July Pudding Cups
A snack this simple can't get any better! Tiny pie crusts, pudding and sprinkles equals a red, white & blue party in your kitchen. The kids can help create their patriotic pudding cups and then enjoy their work!

Have fun this summer, enjoy Independence Day and celebrate it all with your kids! We'd love to hear about your summer fun and craft adventures so connect with us on Facebook!

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