Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall In Love With Autumn!

Welcome to Fall! Fall in love with Autumn every year, all over again! We have some truly fun fall crafts for you to create with your kiddos, just in time for the season change! Happy first day of Autumn and enjoy trying some of these creative activities...

Autumn Bookmark
With some leaves, scissors and a little glue you can help your kids make some adorable Autumn bookmarks to enjoy while reading or give away to friends.

Autumn Tree
Use your imagination and a sponge to create a pretty fall tree on paper to decorate a classroom, teaching studio or bedroom...and enjoy those fall colors!

Candy Corn Bingo
Need a fun and seasonal game to keep the kids entertained? Let them create their own pumpkin bingo cards and pass around some candy corn to use as bingo chips. Play, Eat, Repeat!

Coffee Filter Leaves
Get crazy and creative with your coffee filters and make some leaves to hang up, decorate with or pass around for a little fall fun. Don't forget the java!

Handprint Pumpkin Patch
To make your own handprint pumpkin patch take some paint, a hand and some paper and get to work creating! This is a great last minute, easy art project for class or home.

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