Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School Crafts & Fun

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No matter how you spell it, back to school time is here! And that means school supply shopping, clothes preparations, new sneakers and catching that big yellow beast to ride to school! Here are a few fun free crafts, projects and recipes to really get you in the back to school mood. 

Back To School Magnet
This fun craft is a little more complex to bring it all together, but totally worth the effort. It would also double as a creative and unique back to school teacher gift!

Backwards Dinner

The first day back to school is always a doozie! It signals the official end of Summer and is usually a tiring day as kids adjust. Celebrate with a backwards dinner to lighten the evening!

Back To School Contract

Do your kiddos need a little motivation to keep them positive and focused through out the school year? How about writing up a back to school contract to keep everyone inspired?

Bus Cookies

Talk about a fun after school snack and super simple to put together! Your kids will love eating up these little peanut butter buses and you get to enjoy bragging rights!

Circle Seats

In many classes, circle time is a big part of the teaching and fun. But what if you can't stick anything permanent to the floor for circle time? No problem! We have an idea!

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