Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Crafts for 2012 Week 1!

If you have nasty weather outside, you have kids inside!  How can we keep the kiddos occupied and enjoying themselves (hence us enjoying them too)?  Do what kids do!  Use your imaginations and get crafty.

Where there are small children, crayons abound.  We are always in a state of crayon renewal at our house, since little fingers tend to break crayons faster than larger ones.  So instead of tossing the crayon bits and pieces, put them to work up-cycling themselves (the crayons) into art!

And if you have some dark paper and glitter lying around, put that glitter to work too for art's sake!  I know what you are many pictures of glitter icicles can we possibly hang up?  Let me tell from experience, many.  I mean gobs.  Seriously, alot.

Okay, this little craft carries its own weight in the science experiment department.  It doubles as a great lesson about water molecules, winter season, and bits and pieces of nature.  Plus, it's really pretty when it's all finished.

Enjoy these crafty distractions!  And as always, we love feedback and photos!

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