Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let It Snow!

I would love to tell you we are knee deep in snow here in Western Idaho, but alas (and with a sigh) we are severely lacking in the white stuff.  Some would tell you this is a very good thing indeed.  To those who despise snow, I say "humbug!"

As for me and my house, we are desperately wishing for white fluffy flakes falling softly, building the foundation needed for snowmen, snow forts, and snow balls.  (These are staple materials for childhood in winter!)

Forgive me if I sound a bit whiny about the lack of snow in my neighborhood.  But you see, I have two very bored little boys sitting in my living room repeating the mantra "We're bored! What can we do?"

Bored you say?  I know just the thing to cure the winter boredom blues!  Hop on over to The Idea Box for a bunch of activities, recipes, songs, and crafts to keep the kiddos entertained for an afternoon (or for a few minutes at least).

Enjoy winter and your snow (if you have some)!  Otherwise try some of these crafts to bring a little fluffy white stuff to your house.  Remember, we love feedback and photos!

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