Friday, January 13, 2012

Back To Basics!

January is a great time to revisit the basics with your little ones, especially preschool age kids!  In honor of the New Year and the alphabet we've compiled some letter-inspired crafts and activities to keep your little ones entertained and educated over the weekend.

A fun and creative way to help teach little kids about the alphabet is to make an alphabet book with them.  Both of my boys have done this activity at preschool and loved it!  You can make your book as simple or as fancy as you wish.  And it makes a great keepsake too.

I loved the Alphabet Magnets idea for two reasons.  1. It was simple and required few supplies, and 2. it reuses the pesky refrigerator magnets with your friendly neighborhood real estate agent's picture on the front.  I always feel guilty tossing them, but don't like to look at the goofy pictures.

Now this is a super fun and imaginative way to learn about the alphabet.  And in my experience, little boys love bugs.  Add both together and you have yourself an alphabug!  With some paper, markers, and imagination you and your kiddos can create a bunch of letter bugs.

Enjoy these alphabet crafts.  Remember, we love feedback and photos!

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