Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A+B+C=Kid Friendly Recipes!

Running into a snack block?  (That's where you are out of fun ideas for snacks and your kids are running amok, demanding something imaginative and tasty.)  Don't worry!  In the spirit of back to basics, I've got your ABCs to a snacking rescue.

A is for Awesome Owl Snacks and apples, apricots, avocados, asparagus and artichokes!  I recommend the Awesome Owl Snacks or apples as a fun snack attack rescue.

B is for Back to School BUS Cookies, bananas, beans, beets, broccoli and brussel sprouts!  Personally I like the BUS Cookies and bananas, if it were all up to me.

C is for Cheerio Surprise, cheese, crackers, carrots, cabbage, corn flakes and calamari.  Again, I would stick with the Cheerio Surprise and or cheese, which are the safest and tastiest of the "c" snacks.

Whatever snack you choose, I've given you lots of "fun" suggestions to get your imagination started.  Your kids can help with these!  They are made to be kid-friendly and mommy-approved.  Enjoy!  Remember, we love feedback and photos!

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