Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frosty The Snowman...

Is our inspiration for kids crafts this week, headed into New Year's holiday weekend.  Still no snow at your house?  Get inspired!  If your kids can't get to the snowmen...bring the snowmen to your kids!

How will you entertain your kids this weekend for New Year's?  Getting them all hopped up on peppermint cocoa and gingerbread might sound entertaining but really...not a good idea if you want them to go to sleep before the ball drops at Time Square.  So, that leaves us with Snowmen crafts!

Snowmen are fun, frolicky, and can be pretty fabulous!  (Yes, I know frolicky is not a word.)  Let your and your kiddos imagination run wild as you think of ways to personalize these snowman crafts and make them your own kind of "Frosty fabulous!"

Plus check out the seasonal section at The Idea Box to find many more free craft ideas to keep your kids entertained for the duration of Winter break and throughout the rest of the cold season.  Happy New Year!

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