Friday, December 16, 2011

Brain-Cell Savers for Winter Break

As we get closer to Christmas Vacation/Winter Break (next Wednesday for us) it may be a good idea to plan ahead for some crafts...because on the morning of Day 2 of Winter break, you will hear this sound, "MOM! I'M BORED!"  It will resonate like a foghorn in your head and you will feel brain cells trickling out of your ears.  (Brain cells you cannot afford to lose since you are frantically gearing up for *shh* Christmas.)

So in the spirit of giving and preserving brain cells, here are some craft ideas to get you started.  If you run out of things to keep the brain cell bashers busy, just visit our site for a HUGE list of Christmas crafts and recipes that are Kid-friendly and brain cell approved.  (And mommie approved)  Enjoy!

                                 Snowman Soup

Santa's Elf

Reindeer Food Holder

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