Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Fun Crafts

Snowman Cups
How's winter treating you? It's chilly here in Western Idaho where the temperatures haven't gone over 10 degrees for the past two weeks. So even though there is plenty of snow on the's just too cold for my kiddos to stay outside for very long. That's when I have to improvise. Here are some fun crafts to keep them busy for awhile indoors.

The Snowman cups are such a cute, simply project to make with your kiddos - especially when the weather outside is just too cold to play in. Stay inside, make some snowman cups and enjoy some snowman soup!

Snowman Circles
Take paper, glue, glitter and embellishments and you've got yourself a fun craft for little hands. The result is an adorable snowman perfect for displaying in class or on a bulletin board.

Snowman Mobile
The snowman mobile is a great craft for Kindergarten through about 2nd grade. It requires a little more dexterity and patience but well worth the effort!

Snowman Q-Tip Painting
This super easy art project is great for preschool ages and requires simple supplies like construction paper, paint and q-tips. Easy-peasy!

Stained Glass Windows
This craft requires the use of a hot iron so it's best done with quite a bit of supervision or with older kids. The results are very pretty!

Snowman Soup
A really cute gift idea for winter or even Valentine's Day, the snowman soup uses simple ingredients you may already have in the pantry - and the little kids get a kick out of drinking it!

For more winter craft activities and projects visit The Idea Box, where we have plenty of ideas to keep your kids busy! Or connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite go-to winter craft. Happy Snow Days!

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