Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Snowman Fun

Clay Pot Snowmen
Ready for more snowman crafts? I am! We just got about 4 inches of new snow since this morning at our house - and it's snowman season. Try our version of the Clay Pot Snowman craft or visit our sister site Craftown and use that one if you find it easier.

Clothespin Snowman
If you happen to have some antique clothespins and a small list of supplies at your disposal you'll be ability to create a cute little snowman with your kids that they'll enjoy.

Bowling Pin Snowman
This craft will make for one heavy duty snowman. With a little ingenuity and supplies you can create this decorative snowman to bowl your kiddos over!

Marshmallow Snowman
This little snack is fun to make and sweet to eat - just don't let them eat too many! With some candy, marshmallows and cookies you'll have an edible snowman in no time.

Torn Paper Snowman
If you have construction paper and glue you are all set to make some torn paper snowman art to display or share with someone special - easy peasy!

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