Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowflake Fun And Frolicking!

Snowflake Photo Magnet
The snow is falling and winter is taking over our little corner of the world. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Are you an outdoorsy family, or more of a stay in and sip hot cocoa family? Or both! We're definitely both. We love playing in the snow and we love coming home to warm up with a hot drink after a cold day outdoors.

Which ever kind of family you are, you'll enjoy our snowflake themed projects this week. Try some out with your kiddos, especially if their fingers and toes could use a break from the chilly weather - or even if you live closer to the equator and want a reason to celebrate snow!

Snowflake Wreath
This will make a cute little project for preschoolers or kindergarten classes to create and display or share with parents.

Snowflake Catching
This activity can be used as a great teaching tool or lesson supplement when studying the weather with older kids (1st - 2nd graders). And there's a little math and science involved too!

Snowflake Art
I love this art project because you don't have to snow to create some pretty snowflakes! This paint craft would work well with 3 - 4 year old too.

Snow Caterpillar
Here's another craft that does require snow...and fruit! Create a snow caterpillar with your kiddos using some things you have around the house.

Snow Dough
This is a fun little recipe to cook up in your own kitchen. Or make some up ahead of time to take to the classroom. Kids will love the sparkly snow dough.

For more winter and snowflake inspired crafts visit The Idea Box! Or connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite snow activity!

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