Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ground Hog's Day Fun!

Pop-Up Groundhog
Are you so excited for Groundhog's Day? Well, maybe you aren't but the kiddos will be! What a fun holiday?!

It provides an opportunity for teaching kids about nature and animals...and a reason to do fun crafts based on a super cute small fuzzy creature! Kids can relate.

I've rounded up some really fun crafts, all with a groundhog theme. First, try out AllKidsNetwork's Pop-Up Groundhog craft with your little ones.

Here are some other groundhog crafts and activities in honor of our furry little friend, from The Idea Box.

Popping Groundhog

Groundhog Tunnel Game

Groundhog Day Song and Puppet

Groundhog Day Shadow Screen

Groundhog Snacks

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