Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Miss Bunny
If you like to crochet or need an Easter mascot for your class, visit our sister site for the free crochet pattern to create your very own Miss Bunny.

Egg Toss
This activity is a fun game using simple supplies, that almost every age group can play.  Since it involves tossing, be sure to use the plastic eggs!

This craft is a creative way to decorate eggs with out the mess of dyes, stained fingers, and disaster cleanup. Well...there is still some cleanup but it's pretty manageable.  Even little hands can do this craft.

Fluffy Rabbit
Since rabbits tend to be alot of work and most parents would prefer you not send their kid home with a new pet, how about helping your kids create their own fluffy rabbits?  They are cleaner and don't require food!

Spring Lilies
This is a very sweet craft for even the littlest peeps, since it uses their handprint to create an Easter lily to share with their parents and grandparents.  This one is a quick craft with simple supplies.

Visit our Easter page for more activities and craft ideas.  We love feedback and photos so send us some!

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