Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Ideas: Part 2

Earth Resource Wheel
There are just a few more days until the official Earth Day holiday (April 22nd in the USA), but many schools and communities focus on Earth Day topics and earth education through the whole month of April. are a few more ideas for celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day Snack Cup Project
This is a simple idea for teaching recycling and planting seeds.  Serve yogurt or pudding for a snack and use the cups to plant seeds in.  Don't forget the dirt pellets!

Garbage Dump
This activity can be broken up into multiple parts, such as a "garbage walk" to pick up garbage from a park or playground followed by a dirt sensory table to help illustrate the importance of recycling all that garbage.

Handprint Flower
This craft is great for smaller kiddies (0 - 2 years) to create pretty flowers to give to parents or hang in the classroom.  The handprint flower can also be incorporated into an Earth Day lesson.

Need more Earth Day activities, crafts, games and recipes?  Visit our Earth Day list for more!  Enjoy Earth Day and have fun educating your kids about caring for our planet.  We love feedback and photos, so be sure to send some!

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