Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Ways to Celebrate May Day!

May Baskets
May Day (May 1st) is right around the corner and a perfect holiday to celebrate Spring and green growing things with your kids or class (if you haven't already)!  Here are some ideas and crafts to add to your celebration!

The Maypole Song
A fun little song about the Maypole dance that incorporates left and right.  You could easily create your own movements to go along with the song or actually put up a maypole and let your kids dance around it while singing!

Edible Art
A colorful and simple snack to create with your kids.  This could even be created as a breakfast surprise on May Day!

Hand-print Apricot
This cute hand-print craft is perfect for a preschool or daycare class with little hands.  It also makes a really sweet card for May Day or Mother's Day.  Add a little message and you are all set!

Paper Plate Butterfly Puppet
This craft would be easy to do with preschool or kindergarten age kids and inspires their imaginations.

We love feed back and photos.  Share your May Day results with us on Facebook!

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