Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nutritious Snack Ideas

March is National Nutrition Month and Dentist Day falls on March 6th. What better time than now to share some great snack foods made with fresh ingredients.

Apple Smile!

apple (sliced in 4 halves) 
mini marshmallows
peanut butter

Give each child a slice of apple, have the children spread peanut butter on one side of apple. children will add mini marshmallows to apple (mini marshmallows are the upper & lower teeth, representing a smile!)

More Fruit Goodies:

5 Cup Fruit Salad
Fruit Kabobs
Toddler Friendly Snacks
Watermelon Bowl
Patriotic Parfait

Ants on a Log

celery sticks
cheese spread/peanut butter/cream cheese

Wash celery, and fill with spread of your choice. Then place a line of raisins down onto the spread and you have ants on a log!

Ants on a Raft

Saltine Crackers, graham crackers or other square cracker
peanut butter or cream cheese spread

Put the spread you choose over the cracker. Place several raisin "ants" on top!

Here's some yummy Vegetable Dip and a fun Apple Song

From our boards: Getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies

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  1. Growing up my mom always made me "Ants on a Log." However, my kids will not eat celery (too stringy), so we have done the "Ants on a Raft." We called it "Ants in the Mud." My 3 yr old loves the fact that he can do it himself and the idea of being able to "play in the mud" was a lot of fun for him.


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