Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idea Box Daily: Spring Has Sprung

We know it's hard to find time to search out fun activities and crafts for your kids, so we thought we'd help you! We'll be posting something each day from our archives. One day might be a craft, another day a game or song, or maybe an activity or recipe! Hopefully you'll find some fun goodies for your little ones!

Today's idea: 

Spring Has Sprung

Frog pictures
pipe cleaners

Bulletin Board Idea:
I make a unique bulletin board using frog pictures the children make by coloring one. Then the children cut the pipe cleaner to the desired length and wrap it around the pencil to make a spring-like shape. I attach one end of the spring to the frog and the other end to the bulletin board. It looks like the frogs are jumping out. The children love them and when walking past the bulletin board the frogs move or bounce. Sometimes the children blow on the frogs just to see them move. This is a great way to discuss frogs and sequencing such as how a tadpole becomes a frog. We also review the color green and even take a walk near a pond to see if we can find any frogs or tadpoles. I usually write the words "Spring Has Sprung" on the bulletin board.

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