Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20th is the First Day of Spring!

Yay, spring is here and we are ready to share all of our springtime activities, crafts, songs and more. When we think spring, we think of flowers, rain, sunshine, rainbows, nature, and more. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Here's just a sampling of what you will find in our spring section!

Butterfly Feet

Construction paper
paint (any color)
black pen

This is a great craft for infants who are too young yet to do crafts on a regular basis. Paint the bottom of the child's feet. Make imprints of each foot with the big toe facing outward and the outer edge of the feet touching each other. You will notice the results looks like a butterfly. It helps to clean one foot before you paint the other. Can't seem to keep the little ones still? I do this project while they are in high chair eating a favorite snack. They are occupied, but still giggle alot when you paint their feet. I then write this poem on the paper:

Beautiful butterfly,
precious and sweet.
Strange how it looks,
Just like (child's name)'s feet.

I really get a wonderful response from parents on this craft. They know their children get great care when even the infants can participate in art from time to time.

Paper Dot Rainbows

colored construction paper
hole punch

Have the children make several paper dots using the hole punch in the colors of the rainbow. Then have them glue the dots onto white paper in the form of a rainbow. You may want to have a picture of a rainbow to show as an example. Have fun!

Spring Lilies

Construction Paper (Any color)
Green Chenille Stems
stapler and staples
glue or scotch tape

Have children trace hands on the paper, cut out the hand prints. Place the chenille stem at the bottom of the hand print and then roll the paper around the stem and attach with glue, staples or tape. Once you have that completed, take a pencil and curl the fingers down to form a lily. You may want to make a bunch in different colors. You can also cut some leaves from green construction paper and attach them to the stems of your "lilies". You can make a container for your bouquet of "lilies" by taking an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of construction paper, roll it to form a cone, fasten the end with glue, tape or staples. Makes a wonderful Mother's Day, Grandparent's day or Father's Day gift also.

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  1. Yesterday we used the Butterfly Feet idea to make an Easter Card for the grandparents. We put my daughter's feet on the inside and let her paint a background for it. The inside had my sons' feet. To beautiful dainty butterflies. It was so much fun.

    In order for the kids to get to the tub to wash up we wrapped paper towels around their feet. It worked great!

  2. Sorry I didn't respond, I didn't have notification turned on and didn't know your comment was here.

    That was a great idea with the towels on their feet, so glad you had fun with that! :)


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