Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 10th is Umbrella Day!

February 10th is Umbrella Day! We don't know why it is, nor do we know who dubbed it this day, but we've decided to share some fun activities nonetheless :) Try these finger play, crafts and songs with your kids.

Rain Fingerplay

Pitter Pat, pitter pat (drum fingers on floor), the rain goes on for hours. And though it keeps me in the house, it's very (hold hands palms up and closed into fists in front of you) good for (open fists) flowers (lift hands imitating flowers growing up).

Try these fun ideas from The Idea Box website!

Rainy Day Fun

Warm, rainy, summer days are great for exploring puddles. Put on rain gear or clothes that will not be harmed by water and go puddle stomping. Young children delight in splashing. Build a dam near the curb of a quiet street to create your own mini-lake. Float leaves down the gutter. Study reflections in the puddles. Look for special shapes in the clouds--animals, bug, etc. Measure puddles--length, width, depth. Use chalk to outline a puddle. Return to puddle later and compare its size with outline you made earlier. Learn a song or poem about rain. Many are available in childrens poetry book and song books. Have fun!

Here's some added goodies from Old Fashioned Living for the parents and teachers out there:

Do you have any fun ideas for Umbrella Day?

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