Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Games: Feed the Turkey

Each Thursday we'll bring you a fun game to play with your kids!

This week's game is...

Feed the Turkey

large box
brown craft paper
construction paper
poster board
yellow fabric
rubber bands

Remove the flaps from one end of the box leaving an open space. Cover the box with brown craft paper, leaving the open end open. Place the box open end down. Cut out eyes ,beak, and feet from the construction paper. Glue to the front of the box. Cut out tail feathers from colored poster board and glue to the back of the box. Now, cut out an opening under the beak large enough to throw a bean bag in. The best shape is a triangle to accent the beak. Now cut out several 7" in diameter circles from the yellow fabric. Fill center with beans. Gather edges together and wrap tightly with a rubber band. TO PLAY: Have the children stand back, then take turns tossing the "ekernels of corn"e into the turkey's mouth. See who can get the most in!

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