Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Games: I've got a friend

Each Thursday we'll bring you a fun game to play with your kids!

This week's game is...

I've got a friend

This is a great introduction activity, but the kids like it so much that we play it all through the year.

All children are seated in a circle. Teacher starts the song, children join her.

"I've got a friend and her name is____, ____ Stand UP!
Do a little dance now! Make a funny face now.
Touch your toes now. _____ sit DOWN!"

Always do this with a SMILE on your face! The teacher works her way around the circle, choosing a new childs name each time. That child moves to the center of the circle when she stands up..then moves back to her place when told to sit down.

The words can be changed to any activity that you can think of..the sillier the better! My students sit on carpet squares so that they always stay in a circle and know where to return to, and the circle maintains its shape!

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