Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crafty Wednesday: Paper Plate Cat

Each Wednesday we'll bring you a fun craft to make with your kids!

This week's craft is...

Paper Plate Cat

9" Paper Plate
Black Paint
(2) Black Construction Paper Triangles
(2) Yellow Colored Sticker Dots
(1) Black Colored Sticker Dot
(6) 4" Black Pipe Cleaners
Paint Brush

Paint one side of the paper plate black and allow to dry. Attach triangles to paper plate using glue or stapler to form ears. Use sticker dots to give the cat two eyes and a nose. Glue or staple the pipe cleaners to form the whiskers!

Variation: You can also simply use a black plate to start with, and use wiggly eyes or yellow construction paper eyes. Then use a black pom pom for a nose, and you can also make wiskers out of long thin pieces of black construction paper. Use your imagination!

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