Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Music: Heart Names Song

Each Monday we'll bring you a fun song to sing with your kids!

This week's song is...

Heart Names Song

cut out heart shapes for each child with his/her name on them

Begin singing this song(to the tune of Bingo): There is a special boy I know and Ryan is his name-O, R-y-a-n, R-y-a-n, R-y-a-n and Ryan is his name-O. Substitute the child's name and she for girls. Before you say the child's name the first time in the song, hold up the heart with his or her name on it and have the child say his name at that part. Then point to the letters as you spell the name. Sing the song again for each child, giving each child their heart to hold until the end of the song. Extention: For a transition say or hold up a letter and have the children look to see if their name has that letter. Then have those who do have that letter give you the heart (for the next time) and be dismissed from circle.

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