Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Recipe: Bake Sale Suckers

Each Tuesday we'll bring you a tasty recipe or craft recipe to make with your kids!

This week's recipe is...

Bake Sale Suckers

Hesheys Bar Chocolate
or Chocolate Chunk Bars any flavor
Craft Sticks Or Sucker Sticks
Chocolate Mold
Cooking Spray
Candy Decoration
Sandwich Bags
Any Color Curling Ribbon

Microwave chocolate in microwave safe bowl for two minutes at a time until melted stirring in between two minute intervals. Spray Chocolate molds with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Place candy decorations inside Chocolate mold before adding chocolate. Pour chocolate into molds. Place craft stick or sucker stick at the end of the mold 1/2 on the chocolate 1/2 not. Cover the 1/2 of stick on the chocolate with a dab of Chocolate to make sure it stays put. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours or untill Chocolate is firm. If you're in a hurry you can freeze the Chocolate for 1 hour or until firm instead. After the Chocolate is firm the suckers should pop out with a little tug on the stick. Take sandwich bags and individually wrap suckers with the stick end sticking out of the hole of the bag. Tie the ribbon in a Knot the where the chocolate ends and curl with scissors. These suckers were a big hit at our back to school night bake sale they sold for $.75 each they are a great change from the cupcakes and cookies.

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