Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crafty Wednesday: 3D Flower Fridge Magnets

Each Wednesday we'll bring you a fun craft to make with your kids!

This week's craft is...

3D Flower Fridge Magnets

1 empty 35mm film canister
white glue or hot glue gun
4 small magnets
spray of small artificial flowers
may need a few cotton balls for filler

1. Using white glue or hot glue gun, attach the 4 magnets in a column along one side on film canister.

2. Arrange flower spray to your liking inside of the canister. Stems of spray should be long to suggest a flower vase, or short if you'd like your magnet to look like a flower pot. Cotton balls on bottom of canister can help bolster flowers, and keep them in place. You might want to decorate the canister before attaching magnets, using stickers, clip art, foil, etc.

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