Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Games: Coin Toss Game

Each Thursday we'll bring you a fun game to play with your kids! 

This week's game is...

Coin Toss Game
index cards
a coin
On one side of several index cards write something that the children are supposed to already know. For example, in my music class, I put musical symbols, and written questions that the students should be able to answer concerning what we are currently learning. (Math facts, letters, numbers, could be also used.)

Place the cards, face down, concentration style.
Give a student a coin and have them stand behind a designated line, a distance from the cards. They then toss the coin to land on one of the cards. The teacher turns over the selected card, asks the question and the student tries to answer. This could be done by teams or by individuals. My older elementary kids enjoy this game.

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