Monday, January 5, 2009

January 6th is Bean Day!

There are lots of crafts and activities that you can do with beans. They are great for helping children learn to count, fun to glue on construction paper, and they even make cheap bingo markers! Here's a few ideas to try today:

Bean Name: a fun way to help kids learn how to spell their name.

Bean Experiment: a fun science project for even the smallest of tots.

Bean Mosaic: get crafty and creative with this project!

Try some of these tasty bean recipes from our friends at Annie's Recipes.

And here's a fun game we found at Old Fashioned Living. See the other party games they have as well!

Bean in Your Shoe

One player goes out of the room. A dried bean is given to one of the players to put in his or her shoe. Play some music and have all the players dance, each child pretending to have a bean in their shoe. The player that left the room comes back and tries to guess who has the bean in their shoe. If they guess right, the person with the bean in their shoe gets to guess next. If they guess wrong, they get to leave the room again and try again. If they guess wrong a second time, they get to choose who gets to leave the room next.

Have fun on Bean Day!

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