Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 29th is National Puzzle Day!

Puzzles are so much fun! Whether you are 3 or 33, everyone enjoys puzzles. They come in all shapes and sizes, online, in a box, crosswords and word searches. Of course, if you lose pieces to your puzzles you can't exactly complete them. Don't throw them away, there are great crafts you can make!

Magnetic Puzzle Pieces

Old puzzle pieces
Magnetic tape
Magnetic Board or fridge

If you have any old wooden puzzles around (the kind with individual images on them with the little red pegs on them designed for preschoolers) that have missing pieces there remains some play value in them. Take remaining pieces and put magnetic tape on the back. Use on the fridge or a magnetic board. Usually these puzzle pieces are associated to one particular category eg. farm animals, vehicles, etc. This will provide young children an open-ended activity that is fun and has the potential for rich language activities.

Cereal Box Puzzles

back of empty cereal box

We go thru alot of cereal so we started recycling in a fun way. We cut off the back of the box, which usually has a game, fun facts, or other ideas/information for kids. I have my 7 yr old write a letter on the "blank" side. Then, we cut it up into "puzzle shapes" and mail it to his cousins. They not only get a puzzle to piece together but a letter and game or comic as well!

Here's a colorful way to recycle old puzzle pieces into an adorable picture frame as well as some fun puzzle facts.

And here's even more fun!

Letter Puzzles: This project is fun for the writer and the reader! First, write a letter to someone on a sheet of paper. When you're finished, use a pair of scissors to cut the note into interlocking puzzle pieces. Place the pieces into an envelope and mail or hand-deliver it. The recipient must assemble the puzzle in order to read the letter!
Make a puzzle: Glue a favorite picture on to a card and allow to dry with a heavy book on top. Cut into pieces, how many depending on the age of the child, for an almost instant and personal puzzle.

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