Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Fun for Your 4th of July!

Patriotic Paper Chain
We have some fast fun 4th of July projects to keep your kiddos entertained and enjoying this fun summer holiday. Get your kids to lend a hand with decorating: let them create yards of patriotic paper chain to hang on the porch, mantle or back yard. It also makes a great bbq accent!

4th of July Rocket
Using stuff you probably already have at home, help your kids create some fun paper rockets to play with or display for party decorations!

Safe Sparklers
Have toddlers? Need some safe sparkler alternatives? Let the big kids create some fun and safe "fireworks" that the little ones can shake and enjoy!

Shake It Up!
Kids love to make noise, especially during fireworks and the 4th of July! Use our free instructions to create patriotic shakers!

Handprint Flag
This craft is simple, easy and can be adapted for a smaller sized picture to hang or display. It could even be used to create disposable place mats or table decorations!

Enjoy your Independence Day! Don't forget to be safe and have fun. Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite 4th of July craft or activity!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dynamite Crafts for the 4th of July!

American Eagle Handprint
You don't want to miss a chance to celebrate Independence Day with your little firecrackers. We've got some great ideas for how to celebrate together! You'll love the simple eagle handprint craft because it's are fun, flashy and festive!

Red, White & Blue Wreath
This patriotic wreath craft involves tissue paper, glue and silver pipe cleaners. It's perfect for keeping preschool age kids busy for a little while and is super cute to hang up when finished!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
If your kids love quirky hats, they will love doing this project with you. Create a freedom hat with some cardstock, glitter and stars!

Construction Paper Flags
Our flag idea is very simple, inexpensive and quick to put together. Your little ones will love creating this american flag craft and showing off their colors! It's also a great teaching tool.

4th of July Pudding Cups
A snack this simple can't get any better! Tiny pie crusts, pudding and sprinkles equals a red, white & blue party in your kitchen. The kids can help create their patriotic pudding cups and then enjoy their work!

Have fun this summer, enjoy Independence Day and celebrate it all with your kids! We'd love to hear about your summer fun and craft adventures so connect with us on Facebook!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fast Fun Father's Day Crafts

Bookmark For Daddy
Are you ready for Father's Day? No? Put your kiddos to work creating some fun and fast Father's Day crafts to surprise Dad with. Or use a few of our free craft ideas for a preschool or Sunday school class. Use our "Bookmark for Daddy" printable as a base for decorating, embellishing or fingerprinting as a gift for dads who love to read. Or...

Best Daddy Poem
Use our "best" daddy poem on all sorts of craft projects to express love and thanks for the great dad in your kids lives. You can even use our printout to add handprints or embellishments to.

Father's Day Footprint Craft
Use our footprint's poem and printout to record your little one's footprint below the footprints poem and give as a sweet keepsake of small feet.

Father's Day Medal
Use this craft to create a special medal to give to your #1 dad on Father's Day or any time you want to let them know they truly are the "best dad."

Candy Jar
This is one of my favorite crafts to make because it can be adapted for so many different occasions and in so many ways. Grab a clean jar (this can even be a recycled spaghetti sauce jar), some favorite treats and create a sweet little candy jar for dad to enjoy!

Happy Father's Day! Find us on Facebook to share your favorite Father's Day ideas!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Low Cost Summer Fun Craft Ideas

A Slice of Watermelon
Summer is coming! Are you ready? We have some low cost ideas to help you keep little brains and fingers busy! This watermelon craft is fun to do with preschoolers and they look super cute displayed on a bulletin board or on widows for summer!

Backyard Bubbles
This is a fun bubble experience for toddlers and preschoolers who have yet to master blowing bubbles! And it has a mess rating of zero, if they keep it outside!

Bark Giraffe
Do you have an animal lover at your house? Try the giraffe craft and let their artistic talent shine! It's also a great way to explore trees outdoors. (You'll need bark for this!) 

5 Cup Fruit Salad
Fruit cocktail, pineapple, marshmallows and yogurt...Sounds tasty if you ask me! And most little kids like these ingredients too. Mix them together and serve up as a sweet summer snack!

Bee Hive!
A fun cereal craft incorporating lots of fine motor skills, your preschoolers will have a blast drawing, cutting and gluing. You will enjoy keeping them occupied for a little while too! And they are super cute to hang up when finished.

Enjoy your summer! Find us on Facebook and share some of your crafty ideas for keeping kids entertained during summer.

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