Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Crafty Ideas for June!

Cupcake Spring Flowers
School is out at our house. How about yours? Are you ready for summer? Are you ready for bored kids telling you they have NOTHING to do? Here are a few ideas to beat the boredom blues.

Paper Bag Picnic
This easy craft is fun to create and fun to play with. Use it as a rainy-day boredom buster or take it outside into the sunshine for some make-believe fun!

Colorful Butterflies
This artsy activity is a crowd-pleaser! Marbles, paint, a shoebox and you are set to jazz up your butterflies in a most colorful and unique way.  No paint brushes required!

Bears on the Beach
Summer time is all about snacks. Get creative with teddy grahams, frosting and a few gummy worms and watch the smiles spread as your kiddos create a surf's-up-sort-of snack!

Flower Pot Decorations
If gardening is your family's forte, let the little ones help by decorating some flower pots (old or new) for showing off your summer flora and fauna!

Enjoy your summer!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids - Part 2!

Memorial Day Bunting
Memorial Day weekend can be a fun, busy weekend for most families around the US.  Why not take some time to do a little crafting to celebrate Memorial Day, loved ones past and present and the spring weather.  Create some patriotic bunting to drape in your home, at a picnic or party!

4th of July Flags
Create this super easy flag with your class or at home.  It can be used as simple decor or even a teaching aid for lessons about patriotism and Independence Day.

Red, White, & Blue Windsock
This fun windsock project is always a winner with the kids.  It's easy to make and they love to hang and watch the socks waving in the breeze.

Safe Sparklers
Want to make something to really celebrate with?  Try our safe sparklers craft with older kids as it is a little more work for little hands to manage.

Stars & Stripes Snacks
Try this super easy and yummy snack!  Even the littlest hands can manage this one and they have tons of fun creating and eating their little flags.

However you celebrate Memorial Day, have fun, be safe and keep crafting with your kids!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids!

Patriotic Paper Chain

Get into the spirit of Memorial Day by crafting with your kids!  We have several fun and easy crafts just waiting for you over at The Idea Box.  While you are there be sure to check out our Memorial Day list of crafts, activities, snacks and fun!

Celebrate Freedom Hat
For this fun and easy craft, you'll need some colored cardstock and pipecleaners...oh and some fidgety little hands to do the work!  Once their done, your kids will have some fun hats to wear and celebrate with.

Handprint Flag
Handprint crafts and activities are some of my favorite, although a little messy.  Put your littlest hands and fingers to work to create a flag mural for your classroom, or a smaller version to take home with them.

Patriotic Parfait
This is a fun and patriotic snack that the kids can help prepare.  Assemble your fruit, let your little fruits assemble the snack, add whipped cream...and enjoy!

Red, White, & Blue Wreath
Add a little flair to your classroom, home or front porch with this easy paper wreath. It will add some sparkle to your room and some sparkle to your kids!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and your kids!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flower Power for Mother's Day!

Fingerprint Spring Flowers
Mother's Day is just a few days off and you may be wondering..."what can I create with my kids/class for all those special moms and grandmothers?"  We have a few ideas to get you started!

Flower Pot Decorations
This simple craft involves a pot, some paint, and a little imagination.  The flower pots can be as simple or elaborate as your kids like and can be embellished with glitter, buttons, bows, etc.  Fill the pot with a small flower or plant, or even some treats for Mother's Day!

Handprint Tulips
For little hands this art project is the way to go to create a sweet Mother's Day card or Spring decorations for your classroom.  These tulips will last and last and will lift your spirits!

Handprint Flowers in a Pot
A perfect paper craft for preschoolers, the handprint flowers in a pot make such an adorable bouquet for mothers or as a learning tool for exploring nature and flowers.  Your kids will love this one and it encourages their creativity!

Daisy Finger Prints
This is a simple craft for kids of all ages to create a personalized Mother's Day card or picture to share or display.  It's great for encouraging dexterity and art skills at a young age, as the kids create the daisies with their fingers and thumbs!

A Handful of Love for Mommy
My personal favorite, this handprint craft creates a beautiful butterfly bringing handfuls of love to mommy on Mother's Day!  This activity can be done with tiny hands too with help from teacher.

Friday, May 4, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Paper Circle Bugs
With Cinco de Mayo just a few days away, we thought you may enjoy some fun crafts, snacks, and activities to help you and your kids or classroom celebrate!  And what do paper bugs have to do with Cinco de Mayo?  Make them in fiesta colors such as red, green, white, yellow, orange and purple, and use your bugs to decorate your classroom, create a mobile, or even as party favors!

Homemade Pinata
Our homemade pinata is simple to create and you're likely to have all the materials you need at home, already!  Creating a pinata with your kids is easy and fun, and can illustrating repurposing or recycling.

Noisy Shakers
Definitely a crowd-pleaser, although you may want earplugs when all is said and done, our homemade maracas or shakers, is a perfect for preschoolers, and can then be used at music time!

Construction Paper Flags
Instead of the red, white, & blue tissue paper recommended in the instructions, substitute the colors with red, white, & green to create a Mexican flag in honor of the Battle of Puebla.  (This could double as a lesson aid too!)

Cheese Tortillas
Don't forget the Cinco de Mayo themed snacks!  Try our cheese tortillas for a snack or even as part of lunch.  Your kids can even help make and bake these.

However you choose to celebrate, enjoy your Cinco de Mayo and enjoy your kids!  We love feedback and photos so be sure to send us some or post on our Facebook page!

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