Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty Wednesday: Clay Pot Christmas Tree

Each Wednesday we'll bring you a fun craft to make with your kids!

This week's craft is...

Clay Pot Christmas Tree

3 small clay pots in varying sizes
paint: green, yellow
small wooden star
spray sealer

Glue the clay pots together one on top of each other starting with the largest on the bottom then the middle sized pot and then the littlest pot so that they form a sort of pyramid. Paint the "tree" green and let dry. In the meantime paint the small wooden star yellow and sprinkle glitter on it. Glue the star standing upright to the top of the tree. Glue the buttons or "ornaments" all over the tree. Spray the tree with a glue spray and sprinkle the clear glitter (snow) on the tree.

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