Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Games: Roly Poly

Each Thursday we'll bring you a fun game to play with your kids!

This week's game is...

Roly Poly

Place children in a circle. Teacher calls a child's name and rolls the ball to that child. The child then rolls the ball back to the teacher. This continues until all the children have had a chance to roll the ball. As the children learn each other's names, the game can be changed to have the children call another child's name and roll it to them. This game is great for recognizing each child in the class and letting them know the teacher knows who they are! We use this game in the beginning of the year...but it quickly becomes a favorite among the children. Especially when they can call each others names!

Optional: you can also use this as a learning game. Call out a subject and the child has to call out a related term before they roll the ball. Example: Bugs! Before the child rolls the ball they need to call out a bug (spider, butterfly, ladybug, etc.).

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