Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Music: Five Little Firefighters

Each Monday we'll bring you a fun song to sing with your kids!

This week's song is...

Five Little Firefighters

Five little firefighters (show five fingers)

Sleeping in a row. (rest cheeks on hands and close eyes)

Ring goes the bell... Down the pole they go. (Pretend to slide down the pole)

They jump on the engine (Jump up)

And put out the fire. (Pretend to squirt with a hose)

Now they're back home... My, but they sure are tired. (Stretch and Yawn.)

On my head my hands I place. (Hands on head)

On my shoulders, on my face. (Hands on shoulders and then on face)

On my hips, (on hips) and at my side, (on side) then behind me they will hide... (hands beside)

I will hold them up soooo high, Quickly make my fingers fly (wiggle fingers)

Hold them out in front of me, Swiftly clap, two three! (Clap, clap, clap)

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